Spirit Speaks

All week, there has been the song “What the World Needs Now” in my head! How good are you at looking up lyrics? This song speaks across so many cultures! Are you listening or are you distracted! This planet is getting ready for ascension! Ready or not! You can either focus on judging each other and paying attention to the shit that they’re trying to get you to look at? OR Start to look at your values and what’s important to you!

This Global hostage situation, needs to end by really gettin clear about what your angry about! What is really playing with your head. Is it a pandemic or something else? Just be! Just BE! Get silent and Just Be!

The answers might or might not surprise you!

Penny J


Meditation comes in many forms. It is not this way or no way. If you love going for a walk for the pease and quiet. That is meditation. Creating Art any form can be meditation. There are so many ways to meditate that it’s more thatn just sitting there quietly and trying to think of nothing.

It would be a very boring world indeed if we didn’t have choices! Runners when they’re getting in their zone can be mediation. Appreciating a beautiful piece of art or listening to a piece of music. There is something for everyone.

Love to cook or bake that can be meditation as well. Love eating food! Well that can be it too, if you are appreciating the food that your eating. So never think, Oh I can’t meditate. I can’t sit still and be quiet like that. Sitting and being quiet are optional.

So just do your thing and your probably meditating and not even knowing it.

Penny J.

On Line Hold On for the Ride!

As the cosmos touches all the planets and upgrades all DNA. Be ready to experience things that have not been experienced for over 10K years. Those that are open will see new possibilities start to come into their life. It’s a very exciting time on this planet. We have history being made and lots of changes across the globe happening. Who will step up and who will step down?

As those that are unworthy will be removed and those that are worthy will be stepping up for their freedoms and rights. There is much debate on how earth will resolve this conflict. I say hold on for the ride and see how it all unfolds. Every being is a sophistocated life form that transforms and grows as the Universe lightly touches our counsciousness and upgrades our DNA; so that we can be the best form of ourselves.

Abilities that you never knew you had will start to show themselves to you. Some people will either stay or fall away in your life. Relationships will come to their completion or flourish. It will offer many the opportunities to change themselves and grow and have fun exploring their lives and trying new things.

Those that want to control others, will find that it’s time to look in the mirror and concentrate on your own life. Manipulators will be exposed as the puppet masters they are. People will find, they thirst for the peace and silence to feed their soul and body. It will be a new opportunity to just be. Many will find their realities being challenged. Others had their realities chanllenged a long time ago. There is no normal, there is only what is. So enjoy playing with your reality and how you interact in your life.

Try your best to just be you and make no apologies.

Penny J (MN, USA)

Rules to the Game of Life?

Ever wonder why your life is such a mess? Or why other people’s life seems to have so much drama. If your currently watching the court case of Brittany Spears. This is one of the clues. There is an instruction book, you just weren’t given it. You think that if you stumble through life that you’ll eventually figure it out; for some this is true. Other’s when they figure out what’s really going on. Their life becomes hell. There are all these players and you can’t see who they are; but they definitely can see you and track you. 

Sounds like some weird shit, out of some psy-fi movie. Unfortunately, this isn’t a movie and you can just step away from the screen. It’s a reality and it’s really probate. Your thinking, isn’t that for dead people? Yes and No! Ever wonder, why it seems that people are born and die in poverty. You might be thinking it’s just bad luck? Maybe? or maybe not?

Those that don’t have a clue, go about their life feeling their way through one crisis off and on and seem like their finally winning their struggle with life. Others that know, look like their dancing off of hot coals. For those that know, the truth doesn’t sound so out there? Of those that don’t, it sounds like the outer limits or the twilight zone.

Others will tell you, “You just have to think positive” and you will create your own reality. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how much you can create when your being stalked by crazy people. This is not about, playing the victim and not taking responsibility for your life. This is about taking responsibility for the things that you can control and admitting to what is out of your control.

Penny J. 


Coming Full Circle

When I first bought my house, my goal was to eventually restore it and make it beautiful again. Then life happens and those dreams and ideas got shoved off to the side. I recently listed the property. It sold quickly and it looked like it was going to the first buyer. Then somethings fell through, which was actually a blessing. The buyers that eventually ended up getting it, actually have plans to restore it.

Last time I had to down size, it allowed for bigger and better things to show up in my life. There are a lot of times that our energy out grows our environments. Things will become stagnant, and money or opportunities will start to dry up. These are signs that there is not an energy match. I’m trying to think bigger instead of smaller. When we do this, more and better opportunities start to show up.

Penny J (MN, USA)

Out Growing Your Space

Change is constantly all around us, just when you start to get comfortable. The Universe likes to shake things up. Some will look at it as a punishment. While in reality, it’s making space for new things to come to you.

Bigger and better things are on their way! If it’s shaking up things with your residence. It might be that your meant for a higher energy and the only way to experience it is to have a better place to live with better neighborhoods.

As we’re bettering ourselves, relationships, jobs and environments will change. What no longer serves you will drop away. It’s sort of like how a square can’t be a circle. It’s always about matching energy being drawn to each other.

So enjoy this new journey to your next adventure. It might be the perfect time to redecorate and leveling up things in your space. New clothes, furniture, friends? The skies the limit, so enjoy the gifts that are coming your way.

Penny J.

In Spirit Only

Some people think that pets just move on to the other side. For some people this might be true. Lately, though I’ve had experiences that say otherwise. I’ve had an incident, when thinking about my dogs. I was quickly licked in the face. Oh and yes, it was a wet lick of a tongue of a dog. Minus the actual physical dog.

I’ve had incidents in the kitchen of being tripped by a deceased cat. While my current living cats are all asleep in the living room. I had something, knock into me in the kitchen; which is about waist height. I’m assuming that is one of my deceased dogs.

So far, the only thing. I have not experienced is the love birds. But this year isn’t done yet so, you never know.

Penny J.

While You Sleep

I go about my day, I pay attention to only those things that need and deserve my attention. While you sleep walk about your day; being drawn into drama like a moth to a flame. We can not help who we are or how we think. We can only examine the things we wish to change. I have travelled a long and winding road; while you are only beginning your journey.

What will you discover along the way? Will you pick the short or the long road? Will you pick the straight or winding road? Just remember that the destination is the same; it’s only a matter of how long it takes you to get there. Some will stop to smell the flowers along the way. Others will appreciate the sun sets. This is not a marathon? It does not matter how long it takes to get there. This is your journey; just as my journey is mine alone. I answer to no lone! It is not their concern! Just as you answer to you alone!

It matters not if you like my choices or decisions. I’m not asking for approval! Just as you need to be comfortable in your own skin. I have learned to be in mine! So as you age and change. You confidence will either increase or faulter. Some of it will be about the people you surround yourself with. They will either add or subtract from you. I have choosen to surround myself with people that increase my growth as a person. These are people who hear me. They don’t judge or tear me apart.. Maybe along your journey; you’ll find surface or real people. Maybe, you’ll look in the mirror and find out who the real you is?

It can take some time, but the journey will be worth the wait. You might find some things that you like or dislike about yourself. You can decide, which things you’ll work on or not? You can decide if you can live with the things you dislike or if those things you dislike are really strengths in disguise? We are always a process of change and discovery. Will you be your greatest master piece?

This is why, I say while you sleep! For when you start to wake up; you will start to face your fears about yourself and other people! For fear is the greatest trickster! It will keep you from achieving your greatest dreams. It feeds on your insecurities. It is only, when you’ve had enough and decide to face fear! You find out what a coward FEAR really is! It has no substance! It just is a farce and a parasite! For by shining a light into all those dark corners. You find that there was never anything there to hold you back; except you!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Everything You Asked For!

Every so often, I make a list of things that I want to come into my life or things that I want removed. It never fails that when I come across this list after a while. I find that everything on the list has come to pass.

Sometimes it might take a couple of years; for others it might come right away. Regardless it does come. I am never disappointed! Life is magical, if you just look for the magic! It’s about looking forward and not going back! It’s okay to have regrets, but we learn from our mistakes. Hopefully, we make the changes to not go backwards. We learn what things work and don’t. Did we like the outcome or do we want a different outcome in the future?

So what changes are you working on in your life?

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc