Messages and messengers come in many different forms. They might be physical people? Or messages from verses in songs, poetry or just plain text. The beautiful thing about this, is that it all comes together when the time is right. There is no forcing it! It just is!

Then there are messengers that could be angels? Angelic or maybe even multi-dimensionals working behind the scenes or even time travelers. Sometimes people think that messages are a one way street; but nothing could be further from the truth.

These messages can heal or touch someone in the most profound way. It can take the norm and transform it into an extraordinary moment. When your on a personal journey with yourself; it makes everything more magical.

It makes every moment filled with the energy of magic and light.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke (MN, USA)

Never be afraid to Ask

I made a list when I first moved into my house, I made a list of my dreams that I wanted for it and me. Then I put it in an envelope and forgot about it.

As the years went on, I would find it now and again. I’d look at my list and be amazed at how many things on that list had come true.

Then, I’d add to it and put it back in the envelope. I’d somehow forget about it and then find it years later.

The house would change and then the neighborhood.

The problem properties would either be toren down or sold. The drama would leave. The good neighbors would stay.

The things that I wanted to come into the community came and then I somehow out grew my space spiritually and it was time to say goodbye. Even then, even the things that I had wanted for my house came to pass with new owners.

Penny J (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke


To say these last few years have been a trip, would be an under statement. So many things have changed. Some have been our choices, if you can call it that! Others have been forced on us! There will come a point though when you say enough is enough!

You will pick a road that feels true for you! You might or might not know the exact destination. The road, will reveal itself slowly or quickly; depending on your choices. Along the way, you’ll get to know bits and pieces of yourself that you never knew existed. You will either like yourself more or maybe not like what your see. There will be many times that you make course corrections. You will lose friends and family along this journey. Some might die or you grow apart from.

Either way, you will grow emotionally and spiritually. Stumbling and making mistakes are part of this journey. Other people’s expectations are not part of this journey. This journey is personal and a journey within. So be prepared to dive deep. This journey is like diving into a vast Ocean; and in a way it is! YOu will get to know what you are made of? Your limits? You must be prepared to embrace all of your emotions; the good the bad and the ugly!

From this you will emerge a much different person, you might like or not like what you see in the mirror. It might even surprise you to find out that who you thought you were. Is not who you’ve become. When we stop changing. We die!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke

Teaching Fear

Today I encountered a person, who was so afraid of people. Most people don’t know that MK Ultra has been going on for quite some time. They think it’s a psy Fi thing. First it started with newspapers to teach us what to think. They deliberately report on things that will get a fear reaction. The people that don’t read the newspaper are not ignorant or uninformed. They just choose to think for themselves and not be led off a cliff. Based on how long these plans have been in the works, it might have even started with the local town crier.

Then came the radio, with all the fun programs! The sensational radio soap operas. All that nice juicy drama; what some people don’t know is? There are entities that feed off of those types of emotions. They feed off of fear, depression and hopelessness. After all these emotions are energy and these entities love those emotions that make you sad and fearful. The people that put together this programming of MK Ultra know this as well. Which pretty much makes them parasites along with these entities that feed off of us.

The third program introduced was television, video. Why? Because not only can they enjoy scaring you. They can combine it with the music, noise and other sounds. Then throw in actual images of freaking you out with your own imagination and you now have the perfect recipe to instill fear. The news, dramas, psy fi and other types of generas. What people don’t realize is that film has become so sophisticated. You could convince the average person that something is real. When in fact it is not.

It’s like a modern day magician (illussionist), using tools on the average person; who is not tech savy. Then add a sprinkle of AI? Is it just a harmless tool? Or is it an existing intelligence that can think for itself and playing oppossium? There are only so many glitches that can be an accident? When you have unseen forces trying to manipulate you and sabatoge your accomplishments; all to controll you have to ask the question? What if your way more powerful than you can even imagine and your the eagle and not a chicken?

So are you really afraid of things because of your own experiences? Or are you afraid, because thats they way they want you to think and be?

Penny J (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke

When Hanging Squares Become Fashionable Again

With all these people sleep walking through life. It might come as a complete shock to them, when hanging squares come back into fashion. Most people have no frame of reference to what it is?

When you mention the word treason, there is such a disconnect for these people. They have never experienced consequences for their actions in their entire life. They have no boundaries, they have been busy pitting people against each other to create division. It will be interesting when these people? Beings or Entities are finally brought to Justice.

Penny J. (USA)

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Fake Idols

I find it interesting that many women in the past married gay men. I think some of this might be because many actors were forced to play straight men instead of who they really were. How sad to have to be married to someone to fit in and be accepted. I also think on some level these young girls thought what they saw on tv or movies were how “real” (the image that was portrayed in the early 50’s & 60’s) straight men acted and on some level their psyche transferred this to what to be attracted too. For many this was very dangerous, especially if these children came from abusive families or romanticised what a partner was supposed to be like.

This might also be why some women, think that they can change a gay men. I think that actors both men and women are still trail blazing. In some ways, we’ve come a long way. In others we’re going backwards. The entertainment industry is not an easy one; there have been a lot of great actors.

A lot of great movies have been made by women and men; it’s only after they’re death we realize how sad their personal lives were.

Penny J

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)

Adult Children With Addictions

I’ve encountered more people who are trying to help their adult children who have chemical addictions. The worst thing you can do is take them into your home. Here’s why? You just allowing them to run away from their problems instead of facing their personal demons.  Instead they will continue to use those substances.

This is a journey they need to do for themselves.  They will blame everyone around them but the person in the mirror. Play the victim role to the hilt! By allowing them to step up and take responsibility for their lives. You are giving them the gift of being an adult. There will be some missteps that’s to be expected. 

It can be hard to stand there and not interfere. Your children are learning decisions about life or death. How to set boundaries, remove destructive people from their lives. How to spot and remove parasites; How to avoid people who feed off the pain of others. Facing their fears, step by step and facing their inner demons. 

It will also help you spot things in your own life, your not happy with.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Situations come in different ways. Please take time to think through a situation or ask your child privately how they feel; before shoving them into a situation that will put them in harms way or they’re uncomfortable with.

Just because you as an adult are comfortable with a situation, does not mean your child is? Children can feel fearful, over whelmed. Every child reacts differently to a situation. There are many parents that will put their children in an adult situation that is not appropriate for their age. Not all young children like being left alone or trapped with a baby.

Some parents will let their children sleep over at other children’s houses without ever taking into consideration; if their child even wanted to sleep over in the first place? Some children are impaths and will have an anxiety attack because the energy feels very threatening to them. Just because you can’t feel energy, doesn’t mean they can’t.

Scary movies are another thing that parents never think about with their children, they just assume they will role with the punches. Or those movies the schools used to show children, where an animal is being burned alive in a forest fire. Yes these movies existed and were played for children between the grades K-6th. I still have not figured out what they were thinking or lack of thinking!

Penny J (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc

Spirit Speaks

All week, there has been the song “What the World Needs Now” in my head! How good are you at looking up lyrics? This song speaks across so many cultures! Are you listening or are you distracted! This planet is getting ready for ascension! Ready or not! You can either focus on judging each other and paying attention to the shit that they’re trying to get you to look at? OR Start to look at your values and what’s important to you!

This Global hostage situation, needs to end by really gettin clear about what your angry about! What is really playing with your head. Is it a pandemic or something else? Just be! Just BE! Get silent and Just Be!

The answers might or might not surprise you!

Penny J


Meditation comes in many forms. It is not this way or no way. If you love going for a walk for the pease and quiet. That is meditation. Creating Art any form can be meditation. There are so many ways to meditate that it’s more thatn just sitting there quietly and trying to think of nothing.

It would be a very boring world indeed if we didn’t have choices! Runners when they’re getting in their zone can be mediation. Appreciating a beautiful piece of art or listening to a piece of music. There is something for everyone.

Love to cook or bake that can be meditation as well. Love eating food! Well that can be it too, if you are appreciating the food that your eating. So never think, Oh I can’t meditate. I can’t sit still and be quiet like that. Sitting and being quiet are optional.

So just do your thing and your probably meditating and not even knowing it.

Penny J.