Lady Liberty Has A Fury

After all She is the Goddess Athena, a Goddess; I’m very familiar with and Titiana. After all both these Goddesses came to me in a dream a long time ago. Both have had enough of the games! Athena with the corruption in an element she rules over. After all she is Lady Justice herself. Titiana is after Justice for all her subjects. That includes the mineral and animal kingdoms.

Both have been furious for quite a long time. Now they are after Justice with a vengeance. Both for different reasons. So now it’s time to sit back and enjoy how nature takes care of business. Those who are loyal to Liberty will always be rewarded in super natural ways! After all it takes an army or more. Athena is also a warrior Goddess! She does not sit back. She fully participates in all the fun!

You’ve crossed her, so have fun enjoying her full wrath!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Let The Tribunals Begin

As we near the time of tribunals. The crimes will be added to the previous crimes of the last two tribunals. These are the Galactic and the Inter-Galactic tribunals. Both are independent from each other. They address different issues.

Galactic Counsel addresses everything planetary and space like issues. Inter-Galactic addresses time travel, dimensions, different realities. All things pushing the envelope of science and physics and beyond. Both are important to preserving sanity in general.

There is a halographic recording of both. So the tribunals will pick up where they left off. This will be the final tribunal for those entities that have fed off the emotions and senses of their hosts. They have used possession, black magic and other forms of manipulation in this reality to control the masses.

The ultimate goal in all of this, has been to ensure that this planet is not blown up. Their agenda has been to blow up this planet in two previous unsuccessful attempts. The technology of the past is much more powerful than the current technology. That has been one of the saving graces of this current time. Time travel, has been a safety net that has been used in the previous attempts to preserve all inhabitants of this planet.

There will be no more repeat performances of those actions. This tribunal has concluded and those entities will no longer be allowed to reincarnate or feed off of hosts in the future. They will be in their own self-made hell.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

The Dead Will Rise!

Sounds like the zombie apocalypse. The thing is all of these were channelled and as such. They were talking about future or near future events. If your an attorney, you will probably already know what it’s referring too. Those that are not attorneys, but have studied law will get it right away. Sounds like a riddle?

Oh it is! People that travel the sea or ocean will probably know too. People that know about flags will get it too. Got you stumped? We’ll that’s because the people that know are not usually the general public!

People usually know what laws a country has by the flag their capital flies. A lot of times, it’s not advertised in history books. Maritime law is law of the sea and there are special things it applies to and ships isn’t the only thing. It will answer why your name is in all caps when you get mail.

I think a little research is good for the soul, so I’m going to challenge you to look up everything maritime law applies too. There would also be circomstances under which this would apply to a country. I think this the perfect riddle for Halloween and Samhain. Enjoy and have an opportunity to broaden your knowledge.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Okay, so I had to look up the meaning of this particular song. There were several different references. Most of them agree, that it is of a Bibical Origin. I found it interesting that it referenced some other things. It is about salvation and slavery.

Keep in mind, there are different kinds of slavery! Slavery can be of the mind or physical. Salvation, can be the end of an abusive situation. The end of a tyanny by a dictator. It can mean freedom for all? So I will let you reflect on that and come to your own conclusion of what that means for you.

It can mean the ending of hard times. It also mentioned Jubilee in it’s references. Which would be the same as the Rapture. All I can say is look within. Turn off the TV and Radio and get to a quiet place where you can just be at peace to find your truth. Go out into nature, it that helps you find your center.

I’m not into religion, I’m a spiritual person. Everyone has to find their own peace within themselves. If religion is your thing, so be it. All I know, is Source doesn’t give a shit! You can find Source anywhere. You just have to get quiet and be willing to listen and find your calm where you are at peace.

So find your calm and peace.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

We Are All M & M’s

Some of us are nuts, some of us are plain? But under all that candy coating, we’re chocolate or flesh. If we were all the same, it’d be pretty boring. All of our differences make us interesting and funny. All of us are individuals, which bring so much to the party; called Life!

We are not the borg collective. If we were it’d be pretty boring. As individuals. Some create their self expression with their music. There are so many different varieties of music that are available to enjoy. Some love to paint, draw or write. All of these different abilities touch our emotions in different way. All are beautiful to their creator and the indiviuals that it speaks too.

We all release stress differently, some love sports or music? Some love to clean or organize things. Others love to work with the earth, by getting dirt under their nails. Other’s love to build or create things. Whether it’s repairing or restoring something. How ever you find your self expression, take your time and enjoy.

Penny J (MN, USA)


My guides and angels are very interesting, they brought a song to mind that I hadn’t thought about since childhood. “She’ll be coming around the mountain.” When I looked it up, it brought up the fact that it has spiritual roots. The song is actually about the “RAPTURE”.

We are actually in those times, and more and more things are lining up. The time has come to choose. In some senses, we are reliving the war between “Atlantis and Lemuria.” One can have an idea, about what that means? But living it is very, very different.

Those that thought, they would get it? Might find, that reality is very different. Those that have done the work will get it. Those that have been running from it, so they wouldn’t have to really look at their shit and heal it by not judging it. But really feeling and experiencing their way through it. What does that exactly look like and mean?

It means if your mad about your past, past life or lives? Then honor that! There is nothing wrong with being angry. It’s an emotion! Nothing less, nothing more! Just be real! This fluffy bunny shit! Won’t cut it!

When your angry about something? Feel your way through it! Be genuine! It does not mean to hurt other people, it’s about being honest with your feelings and emotions until you get to the calm! One you get to the calm you are almost done. When you are truly done with that issue, it will no longer affect you! If it involved a triangle, meaning two other people besides yourself? Then it will only heal, once you have addressed your true feelings about the other participants.

May you finally find peace!

Penny J. (MN, USA)


When your running toward that which you are trying to walk away from. This is true of any abuse! People think that they would always recognize abuse. Only problem, is if you’ve been groomed in the thick of it! It gets hard to recognize what is normal. Especially when you haven’t seen normal?

In some cases, when you think your experiencing normal. It isn’t until much later, that you discover; you’ve been manipulated or fooled all along. In most cases, we feel our way through life. When you don’t know what exactly your feeling your way to? or away from?

So when you finally get a chance. Take a break from all the media. That means news papers, radio and the TV or news channels.

Are you feeling calm? Take some more time, until you are ready to do your own research and find yourself and your reality!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Play!*!* Play!!

Think play is only for children! W R OOOOOO N G!!!!

We all need play! It helps us relax and unwind!

Especially if your a WORK- AHOLIC

Because having a heart attack or a stroke is no fun!

Start out little by little, It might be hard at first

eventually it will get easier to take life less seriously.

If you love sports, that will be an easy one for you!

If it’s been a really long time since you’ve had play it will be harder!

The key is to experiment!

If you fail! No big deal, if you ever learned how to ride a bicycle.

You hit the dirt at first til the training wheels came off!

Try different things on a small scale to see if you like it?

Failing at anything is okay! Here’s why? It helps you problem solve on where things went wrong?

Play, helps you get more creative and energized all things that help you recharge!

so have a great time on your next adventure.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Find Your Center

Turn off all electronics and find some time alone.

It can be in nature or in you own home. Nature is a very healing place.

If your home, light some incense or a candles.

Whatever, you find to be calming.

If reading a book brings you peace do it.

Whatever your thing is? Do it!

Feel into that calmness and drink it in

Relax into that peace! It is a form of exhale!

Drink in the silence and embrace just being.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc