Play!*!* Play!!

Think play is only for children! W R OOOOOO N G!!!!

We all need play! It helps us relax and unwind!

Especially if your a WORK- AHOLIC

Because having a heart attack or a stroke is no fun!

Start out little by little, It might be hard at first

eventually it will get easier to take life less seriously.

If you love sports, that will be an easy one for you!

If it’s been a really long time since you’ve had play it will be harder!

The key is to experiment!

If you fail! No big deal, if you ever learned how to ride a bicycle.

You hit the dirt at first til the training wheels came off!

Try different things on a small scale to see if you like it?

Failing at anything is okay! Here’s why? It helps you problem solve on where things went wrong?

Play, helps you get more creative and energized all things that help you recharge!

so have a great time on your next adventure.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Find Your Center

Turn off all electronics and find some time alone.

It can be in nature or in you own home. Nature is a very healing place.

If your home, light some incense or a candles.

Whatever, you find to be calming.

If reading a book brings you peace do it.

Whatever your thing is? Do it!

Feel into that calmness and drink it in

Relax into that peace! It is a form of exhale!

Drink in the silence and embrace just being.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc

Self Care

When was the last time you took care of yourself first, instead of someone else. Turn off all electronics and see how you start to feel? Do you feel less stress? When was the last time you turned off your cell phone? We get bombarded everyday with all sorts of stress from all directions. Some of it is caused by drama, some from other peoples stress to life in genergal.

Calm and self care can come from reading a favorite book or activity that brings enjoyment. Spending time with friends and family that are supportive can be helpful. Cooking or baking can bring enjoyment by the simple process of enjoying the process.

So enjoy finding your calm and get centered!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

When Pets Visit!

Most people are used to grieving the lose of a pet! Sometimes your pet will show up in dreams to let you know that they’re still around. You might have seen, where there were cases where a deceased pet would empty a bowl of food. Many people are usually skeptical, thinking it’s a trick orchestrated by TV.

Most people don’t literally experience their pet around them as a lick or a visible ghost! Every time, I’ve had to put an animal down. I’ve usually experience my pets being around by the end of the night! Every pet has a distinct smell, just as people do! I never really thought much more about it. To say that the dimensions have been crashing into each other is an understatement.

To be woken up from a sound sleep by a wet lick, has definitely been a new experience for me. It’s not uncommon to feel the weight of a deceased animal on your couch or bed. To say the dead are starting to have more of a substance feeling! I’d been missing, some of my pets more acutely lately!

The last time, I finally had an opportunity to meet up with a deceased pet in physical form again. I can honestly say some of my animals, I’d had a telepathic communication thing going on! Years ago, when I was working on my masters program, one of the classes, I took was animal communication! They went through, their method of communication. Me, I embrace my own style! I’ve always marched to my own drum or more appropriately the beat of my spirit guides as they teach me things in their own way.

So next time you are visited by your pets, just enjoy the experience for what it is!

Penny J (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, LLc

When the World Has Lost It’s Mind

Self care is the best defense for crazy! One of the best things is to disconnect from crazy! Take lots of baths and relax with your favorite essential oil or bath salt. If you like to listent to music, play something that is soothing or empowering for you. If you like tea, grab your favorite tea that is calming or relaxing for you.

If you have a book that you’ve been wanting to read or like to re-read grab it. Turn of your phone or cell phone if your able to. If you’ve been wanting to spend time with friends or family do that. If you want to give yourself a spa-day at home, go for it! If there are games that you can play by yourself, do it! The key is to disconnect from as many electronics as possible.

Do anything that is crafty or artsy if that’s you. If you love sports, pull out a magazine or sports event that you haven’t had time to see or enjoy. If you love golf or tennis, schedule a game with a friend or by yourself. Watch a favorite movie. If for any reason, the movie makes your mood sink? Pay attention and find something else that lifts your mood.

If you love writing or pinterest or writing music, just have fun and play! Make sure that your getting your quota in for play each day or week. This is about empowering you, and taking back your personal power! When you feel empowered, your able to accomplish so much more in your life. If spending time with your pet is relaxing or exciting for you. Be sure you have fun. Enjoy your favorite food!

Your assignment for the week is to have fun and joy in your life each day and week. You only have to live up to your standards! This is your life, not someone elses!

Penny J. (MN, USA)


Do you choose your parents? Maybe? What do I mean by that? If you choose your parents, it’s because you had something to teach them or learn from them. Here’s the thing, if either of you refuses to do your homework. Contract over! No one can do the work or the learning for someone else. Is this a pass fail? No! When your ready, the home work will always be waiting for you!

This home work, doesn’t have a teacher or a parent constantly nagging you to finish it! Some of you are here to just be! That means drinking in the experiences of breathing, touch, feel, taste, smell. Test driving your emotions! Yes, emotions! Spirit doesn’t have those! It just is! Spirit watches events unfold and does not understanding the emotional attachment to being stuck and not being able to see the next step to resolve the problem. It doesn’t understand fear? It knows the energetic signature of love! No, I’m not talking about romantic love either.

Just as your Angels, don’t understand why their charge would never ask for help from them when they don’t know the answer! I’ve seen this with deceased children that are stuck in a hellish realm of being stuck between dimensions. All because clergy told them that they were going to hell and needed to ask for forgiveness for their very existence. Just as we might not see our angels in our everyday existence while alive. The dead, don’t see them automatically either. Just by calling out to them for help, will allow them to participate in both the living and the dead. For the dead, it can be a game changer by showing them the way home.

Getting back to the contracts! I had two contracts with my parents. I was born, a healer. I was a very great healer in many life times, but I also was a warrior in some of those life times to change things up a little. Both of my parents, came from very different types of abuse. Both needed to heal those wounds, both refused to take advantage of the opportunity to heal those wounds. Either way, it’s not my responsibility to do the work for them. I also saw a pattern with my ex-husband that he needed to heal. He did take a little bit of a different path from where he’d been stuck for centuries.

I also had to heal somethings from the the 1400’s. I cleaned up, one side of the triangle over a fifteen year period. Then tackling the last pieces of the triangle so there was nothing left to work on! Homework finally, completed!

So good work on your contracts and working on your homework!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Candid Camera

Many of you might remember “Candid Camera” around the 70’s and then it would show up here and there. Then there was “Punk’d” around 2003. The funny or not so funny thing, was while you thought these series were funny and how could any one seriously fall for all this stuff!

The thing is that the public was being played for much longer than any of those series. The sources that we trusted to give us an unbias look at what is always going on around us. Mind control was being used on the public to play with their emotions and manipulate their thinking and getting them to react. There were many people that were in denial about this very fact. There was the question of ethics and conscience. No one could possibly do this without feeling a sense of remorse.

For normal people with a conscience this might be true. Not for people that don’t have such baggage as a conscience. For them, it’s just business as usual. They see nothing wrong with controlling the masses. In fact they love controlling people, It gives them some kind of satisfaction. It’s more of a game for them and a battle of thinking and a test of wills. Actually more of an adrenaline rush.

Makes one wonder, if these people are possessed or even really humans or something else entirely? Are we really seeing human beings? or something else entirely? They are committed to creating divide. You can look around you and wonder how the people; you thought were your friends and can’t see what’s going on? It’s as though they’re hypnotized or in trance. You might begin to wonder when the hell they’re going to wake up? In the end, you will have to move forward with your reality to keep yourself from being swallowed up by the insanity.

Penny J. (MN, USA)



The Masks

The masks, who are they really protecting? Are they protecting the public or the politicians. Are we seeing the players for who they are? or who they want us to believe they are? It can be such a slippery slope. Many a politician has taken acting classes. Not because they love the Arts so much, but to ensure that there is no tell to give them away. It’s serious business to fool the public so that you can control them like a puppet master.

Now is the time to see who is or isn’t wearing their mask? Is it your neighor or your politician? Will you turn on each other and allow people to divide you and the masses or will you stand strong and not be divided. Who will see whats really going on, on this stage of life we call a reality? Are you seeing what’s really going on? or what you want to believe is going on?

Who will see the truth or believe a lie? Are you actually living your life or only sleep walking through it? That zombie apocalypse is real! Are you awake or only think you are? My, my, so many questions! Are you paying attention to all the players or only think you are? Did you really think those masks were to protect you from a virus and not to silence your voice as a nation. Beware that you don’t let them permanently silence you forever!

The next scene playing out will test how aware and awake you are? May you win at this very deadly game called life! May you whip off your mask and take back all of your freedoms and remove those masks of your oppressors to reveal their true motives and identities! May you win well! After all, your fighting for your life now!

Penny J. (MN, USA)


Mars Retrograde

Well mars definitely did it’s thing. It also had some help with other planets that joined the party. It brought the war energy in like it always does. It never disappoints! There are many States and Cities that have been impacted by that energy!

It allowed people to get to know who their local government really is! Is it lip service for another election or did it really have the people’s back? It brought some communities together and ripped others apart. In some Cities, there  was violence and chaos. Just for the sake of violence and Chaos!

Others demonstrated peacefully, The one’s who took advantage of the situation just to destroy things will have their day of reckoning as they are forced to make restitution to those communities that they victimized and terrorised. The politicians responsible will also be having that same day in court as they are forced to make full restitution to the public; whose trust they abused.

This theater is getting more interesting every day! Oh the emails will tell all! Thought you deleted and destroyed all the evidence! Well there are unseen forces demanding Justice! Those voice mailes that were never supposed to be heard! My how the tongues are wagging now!

That’s what happens when you mess with the Goddess Athena and the God Mercury! Don’t forget we’re still in Mercury retrograde as well! Funny how mythology isn’t so much mythe as you’d have people believe! Oh may the truth rain down like hail falling from the sky.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

This year, people have gotten to know their friends, acquaintences and neighbors a little better. It’s something that some people will never forget! They’ve gotten to know if their friend or foe? Those that would have their back or those that would turn on them on a dime.

They’ve also gotten to know their Communities, Cities and local Government? Are they of service or self serving! Once you know, you can never go back! They’ve gotten to know it their tyrants.  Some are still blindly following these leaders and some have woken up?

You will also get to know who the zombies are? Do these people respect your rights or think that they have the right to take them away from you? It will make you think if you can just shrug it off ? or is it game over? You also got to find out how people react in a crisis. Many are still blindly following in fear mode.

People that should be able to think for themselves are locked into a hive mind! A mind set that would lead them off a cliff. This has really been a test of liberty. Now to see how things stack up in the future? The pieces are all about to fall!

Penny J. (MN, USA)