One Destination But Many Roads!

Next time your feeling like shit about your life. Take a deep breath and focus on your victories. You are on your own unique journey. No one can do it for you. It is about you growing and discovering things about your life that like and those things that you don’t. It is not about being shamed and being make to feel less than.

After all no one has a right to do that. They have not walked in your shoes or experienced any of those things that have made you uniquely you! Stop comparing yourself to others and don’t allow others to compare to other people either. You are here to live your life for you and not someone else.

Remember to start enforcing boundaries. Boundaries are our friend. They are to keep out those sacks of shit that have no business in our lives. Boundaries help us to decide if we still want those people in our lives and to them that their behavior will not be tolerated.

These roads and journeys will teach us about ourselves in ways we would never had the opportunity to before. It allows us to breath and grow. We learn how to adult and how to keep parts of our child self alive to nurture our creativity. It allows us to play and explore new and old things. It gives us opportunites to stretch ourselves and find out how strong we really are inside.

Along this journey, we will laugh and cry. We will meet new people and decide who to keep as friends. Who we will let go of so they can grow on their journey. Sometimes our paths will cross briefly. People will enter our lives, who will teach us things. Sometimes we will have things to share with them.

Life is a smoregasboard, so take advantage of the buffet. It’s there to be enjoyed. Then finally you will make it to the destination that you thought; you’d never reach!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc


There Is No Hiding From Life!

I know someone that had lot of things happen in their life that could be viewed as tragedies. This person expected to have many care takers in their life. What ended up happening was that those care takers were removed one by one. Forcing this person to take charge of their life and others. This person thought they could use a disability as a free pass from adulting. Turns out, even the Universe doesn’t buy that excuse. This person is now having to be the care taker of another persons life. Adulting can be one hell of a bitch. Some of the blame can be layed at that persons parents door step for doing nothing but being an enabler.

Many with this same disability are in the work force and living very productive lives. This person was allowed to use it as an excuse to hide from life. To step back from life almost like becoming a child again. Only some of the things didn’t go as planned. A sibling died, two years later their spouse died unexpectedly. They had to plan a funeral. They ran to another state to live because of the tax stucture. I found this weird a little bit, since the person was afraid to be in a big city. I’ve moved a lot when I was a kid, I woud think moving to another state would be more scary. One of their parents, died two years later. This one was a little easier but not by much. The funeral, was easier but the selling of a house was another story.  Now, their finding themselves having to manage a surviving parents life decisions because of health issues.What is the Universe teaching this person. COURAGE, it takes courage and strength. This person is having to face their fears whether they want to or not.

That saying that you can run but you can’t hide has never been truer. The Universe will not allow a coward to remain a coward in their own life. It will arrange circumstances to happen to make you participate in your life. No matter how good or ugly it gets. That added stress you see someone going thru. Sometimes, its because they’ve been sitting on the side lines all their life and its time for them to play whether they like it or not. That’s not to say that shit doesn’t happen to good people from time to time.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc

The Wizard of Oz

Some people think it was only a movie. The creator was very clever, the person looked at the current society all around them. The characters are perfect representations of what we see all around us. The face value of the characters still applies even today. We see a society surrounded by fear and sleep walking through life; rather than facing it head on.

There is so much diconnect from what is really going on all around us. The manipulation and the distorted narrative that the masses are being spoon fed. There are so many spin masters in so many different industries.  It’s like a voluntary imprisonment. When people get fed up enough there will be no stopping them. As I watch the people and things all around me. I’m seeing it getting hotter and hotter. The revolution energy is getting  closer.

There are people that are refusing  to take back their power. The masses  will not let these people stand in their way of progress. Changes are coming, its like a train that is getting more and more momentum. It will not be stopped. Those in government are getting closer to exploring which side their loyalties ly. It’s only when they face their darkest fear that they will find freedom and empowerment. As we move forward through these trying times, may we all find peace at the end of the tunnel.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc

Mirror, Mirror, What is the Deadliest One of All?

With all these chemicals in our lives. It’s becoming a wonder on how we survive? There are chemicals in our foods, that can trigger allergies, migraines, asthma or even death. I’ve experienced brownies that could rival Lysol for giving you a migraine in 3 secs. It’s amazing how many people just assume that migraines are a part of life when its anything but.

There are a lot of rebels that feel that if you can’t smell it, it’s okay to wear it anyway and the consequences be damned. Unfortunately if your an asthma sufferer and on the receiving end of that perfume that is in stealth mode. Your air way will suddenly be on the move to suffocate you and you won’t be sure why? Oh and did I mention, it will take you about a week to get your throat back to normal. That’s if your lucky enough to make your escape from the environment without dying.

Then you will have those nut jobs that like to spray essential oils in peoples faces. Because they can! All I can say, is that peppermint that just got sprayed in your face that is now triggering an asthma attack. Said nut job will have fun explaining their actions before a Judge for assault! This is why department stores stopped spraying perfume around customers. That perfume that is in stealth mode, is not the cheap stuff either. It is a high end perfume that comes from the high end department stores.

Hair care products are lots of fun too.  If there is peppermint in it and your sensitive. You’ll love having a scalp that is burning. Other shampoos that have nuts. If you have a nut allergy. You’ll know real fast if you didn’t know before. You will either have an itching frenzy or a severe reaction.

Good luck on your journey in health and beauty,

Penny J (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc



Is This Your’s or Mine?

One of the things that can be frustrating as an empath is the emotions that others start throwing around. Once you get better at discerning whose they are? It makes it much more easier to detach. Part of the learning curve is identifying if it belongs to a living or non-living person.

Just as living people have a certain smell that reminds you of them. They also have signature emotions too. If a relative used to be sad all the time you might need a visual cue. If your an empath, you will remember what it felt like to be around that person. For young children or teenagers, they might not even know what they’re feeling.

In our society, its so frowned down upon to express your feelings and emotions; depending on your family background. It usually isn’t until you live on your own that you begin to realize that those emotions might not have been yours. I remember having a client who was having a terrible headache. It wasn’t until I realized it wasn’t mine that the headache stopped for me.

Unfortunately, if only this was the case with the dead. Especially when they’re trying to communicate how they died. If they were dismembered it really isn’t fun. It’s only once you’ve finally confirmed some facts about the deceased that the feeling finally goes away. For young children and teens, if friend or family member has died and suffered from suicidial behavior or anxiety and is hanging around them. It can make these children start to feel these emotions.

It’s often why there might be one suicide after another in teens and very sensitive individuals. They can mistake those feelings for their own. The deceased person, doesn’t realize that they’re triggering this emotion in the living. They are usually just trying to not feel so lost. Because of churches protocal on suicide, it hasn’t helped either. Many who have committed suicide are afraid to cross over for fear of what awaits them on the other side.

This is why it’s so important for individuals to learn what their actual emotions and state of mind actually feels like. Usually this doesn’t happen until they are living alone if they ever do? Going on a personal retreat can be a growing experience. It will allow you to actually take the time to get to know yourself.

Penny J (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc






When The Drums Speak

For more than ten years now. I’ve been hearing different drums from different cultures speak from the spirit realm. All of these drums have a similar theme. All of them are speaking of a revolution for freedom across the globe. As more and more momentum builds it is sweeping across the globe.

Spirit is giving more and more signs of the turn of the tide. The playing field is about to start getting more level. We are living history at this very moment. There has never been a global revolution.

As more of this drama unfolds before our eyes, it will be interesting to see if people can finally come together. To see if we can finally have solutions that never allow for tyranny again.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc


The Revolution Is Here

For those that think the revolution will sweep across the whole nation at once. That might not be the case in how it will play out. After all when we were just the thirteen colonies it happened on a smaller scale from the perspective of the United States. I had to take a step back and look at all the signs.

I had to remember that in our state we’ve had a big influence on the laws that are part of our culture in the USA. Some of the simple things that have had a big impact on the bigger picture. As gov’t tries to act like a dictator to the public.  People are getting sick of the oppression and pushing back. They are standing up to their local gov’t. While local gov’t hasn’t got a clue and continues with its greed agenda.

People are expecting a macro agenda instead of a mico plan. It’s starting to look like the change will come from the micro and vibrate outward to the macro. Those that can see this will see how it’s going to play out. Those that can’t, will just have to have their blinders ripped off as the events unfold.

The theater is getting very interesting.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc