When You Start Living Your Life

When you start to participate in your own life, you stop being depressed. You start making decision that affect you. You don’t allow yourself to be set adrift at sea. You are steering which direction and course your will take to get to your destination.

I’m not saying that life becomes a piece a cake either. There will be some tough days, when you will have to take baby steps through some of it. All in all it will be about you learning new skills in how to handle and take control of your life.

Sometimes the tasks will be easy and you could do them on autopilot. Other times, you will have to ask someone on how to handle something and from there decide if you have another solution or get more information until you can find someone or a better solution.

It’s the hard challenges that test us to see if we’re asleep at the wheel or paying attention. Every test helps you build on the skills that you have to problem solve. It’s almost like being at the playground and reaching for the next bar on the monkey bars. Sometimes its a little scary, but once we learn how to handle it we gain more confidence. Everyone has scary days, everyone has something that their a little intimidated by.

Think of life as practice. Practice this skill and then learn another skill or lesson to help you become a better you.

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