Guardians of Property

Most people don’t have a clue that Land, Houses and Buildings have guardians. These guardians try to protect the property from harm. They are the heart beat of the property. It isn’t just people that have guardians. When you buy a property that doesn’t what to be what you dream it to be you are in for a course in disaster.

Houses that won’t sell are more than just a Feng Shui issue. Forcing a property to be rental when it longs for a family is a lesson in torcher for the buyer as well as the house. The house will send energy that is sure to make a renter not like the property for one reason or another because their energy doesn’t match.

I’ve had property where these exact issues cropped up and every case was a disaster. Houses crave love and get scared when there is violence in its structure. The violence will echo where it occurred. I know this because when I sold one of my properties It had been subjected to violence. I had only to enter the room to feel the energy that had taken place in that room. This house had only know love and it craved a loving family in it. It did not want to be rental in any shape or form.

Another property that I owned was fine with being rental property as long as the drama stopped. It had had all manor of drama from past owners that had not been responsible in potential tenants. This building had not been converted to rental it had been built as a rental property in the beginning.

You can tell a house that has had a loving family in it for years, the love energy will vibrate through its walls and only people that are a match for that energy will be attracted to it. People that aren’t at that energetic level will be repulsed by the energy and not know why.

One house that I bought, only wanted women owners. If there was a boyfriend in tow it wanted none of that nonsense going on inside its walls. After all it was a Victorian house it wanted proper sensibilities going on within it’s walls. I went through five buyers in one year. A widow had died in this house and her body may have been carried out of that house but her spirit had not. She got so pissed at me that she was ringing the door bell in the middle of an Arctic winter. It wasn’t until I had the guardian angels temperarily remove her that the door bell stopped.

She did however prevail. She found just the buyer she wanted a yound twenty something single school teacher and then the closing went very smoothly. I am know told that another single woman now lives there. Every owner of that house has been a woman.

Another property had another kind of visitor. It was affecting the business of that office. Things did get a little better when this sort of visitor was removed. No it wasn’t a ghost or guardian either. It was a Demon and yes they do exist and most people that do ghost busting will not touch this type of situation because of the level of danger involved.  Only people that have had training in Demons will touch these kinds of situations and they do approach it with the respect it deserves. This is not a job for Ego maniacs.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)

Money Issues

I am finding it very interesting that most of the time it isn’t money that’s the issue. The dark horse is really those around us and their baggage that they like to dump on other people. They are angry or mad that others are able to manifest so they spill their poison all over the place. They try to prove their ignorant point by proclaiming themselves right about money by sabotaging those that can do what they aren’t able to do. The jealousy and poison are so unbelievable that you begin to wonder if you aren’t in some weird movie.

This drama is their way of life to continuously play the victim and be the viper at the same time with their venomous words. They claim to be so . . .   misunderstood. They wonder why no one wants to be their friend. They blame everyone but themselves. It is an interesting delusion. The spectators that have no life by choice because they refuse to participate in their own life instead of sticking their nose in others.

They are so gleeful about living an unhappy existence that one wonders would they even recognize happiness or would they walk right past it never noticing the difference.

They snear whenever they see money that seems to effortlessly rain down on other individuals.

 One individual approaches money with love, while another with fear. Is it any wonder at the results?

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)