One of Life’s Challeges

Dream: Background 1920’s America, Greek Immigrants.

This young newly married couple are living with the brides family. The husband decides to move out of his in-laws house.

His wife is spoiled when it comes to her opinions, the only daughter in her family. She is a beautiful blonde with wavy hair. She loves to wear dresses and is very feminine. The husband  has dark curly hair but a very feminine face with high cheek bones. He has some kind of genetic condition where he doesn’t grow facial hair. He dresses as a woman to fit into American society. His family and her family had immigrated from Greece. He was two when he came to America.

When it comes to renting they apply as two women to make it easier.

He is an artist, he is a sculptor one of his mediums is marble. His work is exhibited in Art Museums in Europe. His family still has strong family ties to Greece it make the exhibiting easier. He has an agent that represents his work in Europe.

The fact that he has an agent helps create a buffer for him in Europe. He’s not judged as he would be here. His agent is his public face there.

In today’s society he would be labeled as a cross dresser.

I think it’s interesting that the more we changes as society the more we stay the same.

I always love it when my characters tell me their stories and I take dictation. We’ll see if they have more to tell me and this actually becomes a story?

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)



I find it interesting that all the mirrors are starting to break. We are for the first time in history seeing a mass awareness of all the lies that have been told or cleverly orchestrated.

When we face lies head on it makes it easier to make changes. The lies and people who orchestrated them will finally be dealt with. This new chapter that’s about to open for us will be very interesting indeed.

I do hope that we will learn by moving forward instead of going backwards into denial!

All the walls, are falling away. All the players are being revealed for who and what they are.

This will be the first time as a planet we are dealing with all the lies together. It is not about race, religion or social class. It is about dealing with those who feel they above everyone and play god with others lives.

This will be a very liberating experience for those that have seen poverty for so long. They will finally step up and take control of their destiny and stop playing the victim. It is the opportunity for all of us to step up and embrace our Independence and Freedom to create our own lives as we see fit. This is not about controlling others or making self-appointed choices for others because we think they are incapable of deciding for themselves.

What an Opportunity this will be!

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)