It always amazes me how people can think that discrimination doesn’t exist. It can be anything from racism within a caucasian group. It can be ┬áthat group thinks that only a certain look should fit into that group and anything outside their perception is a different race. It can start out with subgroup cultures that have been distanced from another country for several hundred generations to coloring their perception.

It can also be communication styles where because it doesn’t fit into a person perceived norm that a person is rude. Why are they rude, because they are direct and you like to have a longer conversation before getting to the point.

I was in New York and a native there thought that everything was normal. That each race should give a deal to their ethnic group but gouge a group that was outside of their racial group this was perceived as normal for this person.

Sometimes I think people get so comfortable that they don’t notice discrimination unless they are personally affected.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)