Valentine’s Day

The Card companies would make you think that they created this day to be thoughtful to other people. The same for the rest of the retail industry with their spin on it.

Whether your coupled up or not. Be sure to enjoy or own this day just for you. This day is special, because it’s a celebration of taking time for yourself and making this day your own. You get to decide how you will spend it.

Just make sure that you have fun and go the extra mile for yourself. If you have pets it makes it the perfect day to spend sometime just enjoying the time you spend with them and doing nice things for yourself that you might not usually do.

Society seems to think that it some how has the right to make people feel like shit about themselves. When people think about doing something nice for themselves it’s usually accompanied by guilt. This day is not about asking for permission. It’s about just doing things, because you want to and not having to explain or justify your choices!

So take some time to plan or be spontaneous and see how your day unfolds.

Penny J (MN, USA)