Under a lot of stress! Your probably craving more meat in your diet! This is one way to help you keep more grounded. It will also help you fight being drained as much. Those challenging people who get off on pushing your buttons, can be fought temporarily by having more meat in your diet. If you can, though have an exit plan to remove them or yourself from the situation if possible.

Seeing a therapist, might also give you some strategies on how to fight back and keep your sanity. There are some people who just think its sport to mess with other people. Sometimes they’re your boss or a co-worker. In these situations, see if you can change positions? Going to HR is usually a joke, same with those surveys. The company doesn’t really care if you’re a happy worker. They’re just trying to find out if your planning on suing them or basically a problem.

If you can find a gym, to workout that will also help with the stress. Can’t afford a gym then you might want to take a part-time job that allows you to move around more physically and get the same benefits of a gym.

If the stressor is family, then you have a lot more wiggle room. You can decide to see them on your terms? Screen your calls, texts, email after all that’s what technology is for! Have buffers in place, this means you have an agreement with friends, family or spouse that you won’t be caught alone with that person.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Healthy Eating

Want to start eating healthier. Start with baby steps! This is not about a diet! I so hate that word.

This is about living and getting real! If you like food, then just eat the healthier version of it. That is not low-fat! FYI! You body needs fat in your diet! Animal fat is good fat! Your brain and heart need it to function. You also need it for energy. If you go for walks then you are exercising.

Like junk food? Cookie, dessert, etc than eat the healthier versions of it. Organic version! Not low-fat! If your always hungry than you probably are not eating real food. When you eat food like substance you will always have constant cravings and be hungry all the time.

When you eat food that is real! Be it healthy junk food or staple foods you start have less cravings for food. You will start to feel full and not be constantly hungry. The best way to do this is by baby steps. I recommend starting with the so-called junk food. This will make it much easier to transition over to more real food.

You won’t feel like your being punished. This isn’t about giving up something. It’s about transitioning into something with much more substance to feed and nourish your bodies.

Penny J. (MN, USA)