Technology Trends

One of the greatest threats to all civilizations is a form of AI. Why? Because if there is a world catastrophe, those people no longer know how to work or recreate that technology. They have relied on it for everything. Simple things now become more difficult. They are suddenly plunged into the stone age once  again.

The Lemurians and Atlanteans found this out when they had to flee their land. They had forms of electricity and were not a primitive culture. They had force fields around their islands to keep invaders out. Anyone that did not have the same frequency as them would die when the force fields activated at night or teleported into another dimension. This is why they never had any interest in conquering others. They had everything they needed. Other cultures didn’t have that much to offer.¬†Their culture was very much self-sufficient.

Even today’s technology, doesn’t even come close to what they had. We are still pretty primitive in regards to technology. This bullshit about having individuals plugged into a computer in the future to give them an edge. This is a stupid idea too. If a catastrophe were to happen. These people would be very helpless. They would not even have survival skills. They would not know how to think for themselves. They definitely would not know how to repair or recreate the technology if it was lost.

Things as simple as turning on a light by flipping a switch wouldn’t even be possible if it was controlled from one central source. If that central source was ever damaged or compromised. Your screwed! You wouldn’t have heat, electricity or other things that you take for granted now.

Micro chipping is another thing. Do you really want to be marked like a criminal or a slave. You might not want to face it but that’s what you will really become. This control freak trend is not about freedom. It’s the complete opposite! What is it that they’re so afraid of that they want it to enslave the masses. What is it hiding? Why doesn’t it even want; others to even think for themselves.

This whole mind collective shit is really insane. We are not robots. We are individuals and maybe it’s time for Government to end; when it’s not even meeting Peoples needs. There are not one solution that fits all. We are all different! Our needs are different, health care, financial, housing, food differ per family and individual.

We basically have a bunch of criminals running this country. They are trampling our civil liberties on a daily basis. Staging wars to keep us impoverished. This is not what our families fought wars for. They fought them to give us choices and allow us to prosper.

Technology is not being used to improve our lives. It’s being used to track and stalk us like we’re the criminals. It’s being used to imprison us. Think this is a joke! When is the last time you actually had a meal with your friends or family minus the cell phone at the table. Are your sure that same cell phone isn’t recording your every action and reporting it back to someone. Creepy huh! Cell phone’s are being used as a distraction to keep us from seeing what’s really going on.

Technology is a tool that should be serving us. Instead there is definitely a silent agenda to keep us from finding out the truth. There has been talk in the technology arenas that AI will take more jobs from white-collar and blue-collar workers. That eventually Governments will have to give people a basic living expense to live on since they won’t have any work. I really can’t see the Government doing this. I can see them using that as a reason to reduce population though.

Here’s the thing, adults take responsibility for their lives they don’t just coast through life and allow others to decide their life and choices for them. That’s whats going right now. You have corporations and government scheming to use us as pawns to meet their own selfish desires.

Penny J. (MN, USA)