Lost Knowledge

Civilizations losing knowledge. When you have people writing and editing you lose a lot in the translation. Be it history, science, books or software. It’s all about control. Unfortunately, if there are disasters. You’ve just had to go back to the beginning as far as learning goes. Stone age learning where technology gets lost in the fray

What you end up with is dirty or inferior technology with a lot of holes in it and security risks. Formulas that aren’t checked because it might take time or there isn’t a person to check those formulas for accuracy.

You end up with a lazy civilization instead of a thinking, more advanced civilization. Oh and AI’s aren’t always helpful to a civilization. If a catastrophe happens and wipes it out. You are now at a huge disadvantage and learning curve.¬†You won’t have people that know how to fix that technology.

We currently have more people that aren’t able to function in society because of their lack of social skills. Thanks to them being on technology so much. If you lose the knowledge on how to farm, hunt or any of these basic skills you starve to death. That’s why knowledge is so valuable. You can’t just read a book to figure it out or read it online. Sometimes your actual participation is required to do these things.

This is why no one person or persons should be allowed to decide these things for others.

Penny J. (MN, USA)