A New Age

I think it’s very interesting that with the Depression we’ve been in since¬†2001. I am seeing more and more businesses start to crumble. The sheer greed of these share holders is amazing. It reminds me of another time, 1987-88. There was a new mall that had just opened up and it was demanding to hold shares of every store that was renting from them. These businesses agreed never thinking that these share holders would try to see their shares in such a short time causing these a big cascading effect on these businesses. The businesses started to fall like dominoes and the mall was soon having to look for more tenants as these business started to fail.

These were not new small business owners that were unseasoned. These were large businesses. I am seeing the same mistakes being made not only in retail businesses but large billion dollar corporations. Where the share holders are demanding to see their dividends or they’ll walk. FYI in bad economies all businesses put their money back into their businesses not paying out dividends like the share holders have won the lottery.

This is why the small business will start to surge fore-ward like a race horse that’s been held back by its handler so it can finally surge fore-ward ahead of the pack. In the finish line, it will be the small business owner that will win. The know their business from the ground up. They don’t answer to a willful temper tantrum child.

Most of these Organizations don’t fully understand technology and are under utilizing what they need to keep operating. I am starting to see drone people. This is not innovative or creative. When you have robot people, you have a stagnant organization. I’ve seen people who look like the glee club for the organization in their marketing departments. These organizations have become Cults where there people only know the organization. They¬†can not even bring any new or fresh ideas to the table.

Business is so blind to staying alive ahead of its competition that its ignored key data. In the 1920’s it clearly showed that you do not get better results from your employees by working them over 8 hrs a day. You get burnt out and resentful employees that stop caring because you stopped caring about them.

As we get closer to the end of this year we will see more and more obvious mistakes of these large organizations as they start to tumble like dominoes. They’re era is starting to end with more and more people becoming dissatisfied with how they are being treated. When you have robot people, your more likely to have Postal people.

R.I.P large organizations and government will soon follow. This year will start to be the death of structures that trample Peoples civil rights.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)