Judicial System

Our Judicial system is outdated, it’s like something out of the stone age. Where women and children and animals rights are a mockery. The sentences for crimes against these demographics are a complete joke.

Rape is looked upon as a complete joke and the victim is re-victimized by the very people who are supposed to protect that persons rights. Raping of children in certain states is a 2 weeks probation are you kidding me. The problem is obvious! The court systems view women, children and animals as having little to no value.

The laws that are still on the books are from the 1800’s to the 1930’s. No one has taken the time to review them and say these laws are wrong and need to be removed. No one has updated them to meet the current needs of the people. In criminal justice the law that is argued is black and white justice. No I’m not referring to race but you will soon see that it almost feels like that. In business law the law can be reasonably argued. In criminal justice it isn’t that way. There is no shades of grey that can be argued in that kind of law.

The fact is that we live in a society where life is anything but black and white it is very much shades of grey. It is very obvious that our society is a patriarchal society and very much against  women and children an anything that will upset that status quo apple cart.

There is talk about equality but it never goes further than talk. Women are paid less than men for the same work. They are talked down too as though they have the IQ of zero. The belittling behaviour of this legal system is antiquated that it belongs to the time period of the stone age.

This judicial system looks upon women, children and animal as property. Very much like an indentured servant. These justices are very much part of the problem in our society. The congress voting on women’s rights is also archaic. What the hell, we as women should start voting your reproductive rights and your body. I think even then you still wouldn’t get it. There just isn’t intelligent thought in a cave man or an outdated legal system or outdated Gov’t.

Penny J. (Mn, USA)