Behavior In Corporations

It wasn’t until recently that I started to notice how some managers tend to belittle their employees. I used to think that it was just a dysfunctional thing that might have come from their family. I thought about it a little more and most people’s’ families have served in the military and that’s really where this behavior might have come from. The churches and the military have always been pretty tight. All those religious wars.

How else will you get the masses to comply without  beating them down mentally.  This technique is used in the military and most churches. The guilt and shame method for the church. If you attend their private schools, they use belittling tactics to destroy your self-worth. Is it any wonder that our society as a whole is pretty messed up.

Take this one step further, the mental abuse is also found in domestic violence. Mental abuse is also part of the PTSD so is it any wonder that veterans and victims of domestic violence have so much in common.

This tactic that I see in Corporations is used to keep employees from leaving. The strong ones will just up and leave or be on the look out for better opportunities. The weaker personalities will just sit and take it, believing that they have nothing to offer another company. The thing is that the person whose targeted by this form of abuse is not usually a weak person. It’s like some sick and twisted game for the bully to defeat such a person and break them. Some of these managers are narcists. Some are just control freaks with low self esteem and threatened by another’s self-confidence.

If left unchecked this behavior can destroy a company and rob its employees of their health. It creates undo stress and causes more friction between employees. If your sensitive to energy, you can literally feel the toxicness of the environment. I once worked for a company and the vendors thought it would be fun to bring in mood dots. They would place them on each employee. Everyone of them turned black. The vendors had never seen such a thing. They were pretty shocked!

Some companies are trying hard to change the tide of this behavior that has been viewed as acceptable for hundreds of years. Sometimes the bully is not the manager but a co-worker. Which can be even more intolerable. Agencies such as temporary or contract companies can be a blessing to escape such environments especially if the HR is not on the employees side. A word of advise if your company has a 1-800 number to report such things, use it. There is a very good reason for that number. The company knows theres a problem and the other person will retaliate and get you fired.


Penny J.  (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc


There seems to be a major push for banning of guns. Only they don’t want to come out and say it. After all that would be too obvious. After all the agenda is Martial Law. That can’t happen if there are still people tooting guns.

The media is one of their greatest tools to freak people out and distort the truth to a certain view-point. There has been an increase of pushing an even bigger wedge between races and different groups to promote violence so they can justify the removal of guns from civilians. They make it out that some how there is civil unrest and that it must be dealt with by using brute force. These are all the same tactics that Hitler used in his control of Germany to segregate people to eventually get his target group to be a scrape goat and put them in concentration camps.

Mind control, think that its science fiction. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have nano technology and lots of pharmaceuticals that can aid in mind control. Musicians have been saying that there are subliminal messages in news casts, music and other such triggers.

With the increase in violence and other events. Law enforcement officers going rogue. After all a lot of officers are ex-military. Very few of them have come from the civilian pool. The violence or the perception of violence is on the rise. That’s not an accident either. All of the things that are happening are not just a fluke. They are deliberate and orchestrated for the sole goal of Martial Law. This was Hitler’s original vision and the US adopted it when they embraced the Nazi Scientists and their technology. They studied intensely how Hitler pulled off what he did. They’ve been testing it out to eventually roll it out on society for over more than 20 yrs.

This was presented in a high school class when I was young. It’s not like I went searching for this shit. Now it is becoming more and more of a reality for those that are a sleep at the wheel. After all they were able to take away a lot of your rights with the 911 incident. That was no accident. After all the lone tower that fell had never even been hit by a plane. Why do we have to have cameras on every single corner. Seems like a police state to me. If your argument is for safety. I have to ask, whose safety exactly?

Penny J. (MN, USA)