Multidimensional Reality

Some people think dreams are only dreams!

Dreams can be messengers about the future or about other dimensions that our soul lives in. What we perceive as time is very abstract. When you throw in the different dimensions it totally changes how you measure time. The parallel time lines are different choices that might or might not be chosen when a decision needs to be made.

Holographic images are a form of multidimensional reality.

I’ve seen holograms appear near my clients when I’ve had to do a healing on them. It acts the same as the physical manifestation. There is no difference. All of it is energy, the same as we are! As we become ready to move into realities that are new to us. We will discover, realities that have always been there. They were just waiting for us to remember their existence.

It is nice to finally be able to shake off the dust on realities that make the technologies of today; look like their standing still.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, LlcĀ (MN, USA)