Signs, Signs All Around You!

Does the elevator door suddenly open and you haven’t pressed the button. This can be a metaphor from the Universe that doors are opening for you. Are you ready to step through? Messages and signs are different for different people. Seeing open doors every where could be another signal to pay attention to things to come. By being open, we shift the energy in our lives. This allows us to receive!

I saw a single sparrow heading for my car door window this morning. It definitely brought forward memories of a time when I saw hundreds of them heading for my car windshield in a parking lot. It looked a lot like that Hitchcock movie “The Birds.” That reminded me that we currently have a Revolution a foot right now. Yesterday it was something else. I was in a public place and ran into someone who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. I had just been thinking about this person recently.

Some signs can mean money is coming in. You need to start to pay attention to what different signs mean for you. What signs mean you need to pay more attention to your business. I used to get messages on my answering service that were more than an hour-long. These where messages from Spirit, letting me know what was going on. It would let me know who was talking about me behind my back. What calls I might not want to return. Anyone that know’s technology, knows that voice messages should never be an hour or more long.

Next time you keep seeing something appear in your life. Nature? Animals? Pay attention and see what your supposed to learn!

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


What Lessons Is The Universe Trying To Teach You?

Pay attention to the cycles that keep repeating in your life. Are you a taker, giver or a receiver? If you constantly are giving and suck at receiving. The Universe, might give you lessons where your forced into situations where you have to receive. If you’re a taker, you might be put a position where everything is taken away from you. If your good at balancing your giving and receiving the cycles of those lessons will become less and less.

What cycles keep repeating in your life? If your meant to have your own business. You might find that every time your working for other people; you have the co-workers or boss from hell or both. Are you taking responsibility for your life or must sleep walking through it. Pay attention to the relationships in your life. Do you respect yourself, or are you a people pleaser. You will find that you don’t even know who you are any more. People who respect themselves have taken the time to get to know themselves.

Do you put up with trash people in your life or do you take it to the curb. This includes family and other relationships. When you respect yourself, you won’t even put up with these people in your life. People who have self-respect for themselves are always growing and learning new things. Do you surround yourself with people who build you up or tear you down? People with low self-esteem, hate themselves are always tearing other people down. Their jealousy is always present and they can’t wait for other people to fall. People with self-esteem are always cheering their friends on when they succeed.

Pay attention to who your surrounding yourself with? Are they toxic or quality people?

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Raising Psychic Children

I often get questions about how to discipline psychic children. Here’s the thing, the “My Way or The Hi-way” thinking won’t fly with them. If they’re telepathic they will be able to read what your thinking before you even say it. This can make discipline a bit of a challenge for the parents. You will have to come up with a plan before speaking with your children. This is going to be your best line for dealing with the issues.

These children are very sensitive. Harsh words will hurt their feelings. Be careful how you speak to your children. You won’t need to use harsh words to scold your children. Using a calm tone will be enough to get their attention.

These are just some of the approaches for these children.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Letters to the Universe

People love to make lists of what they want to get or their next steps with upgrades. In the almost twenty years that I’ve lived in my home. I can honestly say that those things on those lists have come true a lot. In the last two years, I decided that I would burn them. This way they come faster and I don’t have to wait around. Many of those things on those lists have been gifted to me by other people.

Some I’ve brought in myself, but the big-ticket items have been gifted to me in ways that I could never have seen coming. I am thankful in so many ways. It has brought me great people into my life. It has removed obstacles and people who were keeping me from growing. I have learned so many things that I could not have learned in other ways.Oh I’m not going to say I can’t be hard-headed. We all can be and we get lessons that teach us to pay attention more.

It also gifts us with wisdom to be shared with others to try to protect them from some missteps. Just because we’ve had missteps doesn’t mean other people will. We are all different. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses are to teach us how to be stronger. Then the Universe comes back in different ways to see if you have really learned those lessons. It’s kind of like your final exam.

This isn’t to say that you can’t cuss the Universe or angels out when life is being frustrating. I say go ahead! Embrace your dark side, you have to sometime. That’s how you make yourself whole. This cutting things out of your life that you don’t like about yourself doesn’t always help you to heal. When you face your demons. You take back your power and take no prisoners. You set boundaries and don’t put up with shit any more. This is a good thing.

It’s more real! So write that list! The skies the limit or not! After all we are unlimited beings. Have fun with that list. There are no shoulds or should nots! You might be surprised what the Universe has in store for you. You need to be open. Allow people to give to you. If your more of a taker, than try giving for a change to things your passionate about. Giving and receiving are part of what the Universe is all about. It should make you feel more alive or more present.

Many years ago, I decided I was going to give to a person who had a change of luck. It turned out to be a very growing experience. At the time, stores usually had buy one get one free. This worked well with groceries. This person had children and her boyfriend at the time had walked out with all of their food.

The weirdest part was when I looked at her boyfriend at the time. I remember thinking to myself. Could I picture this person ever being violent to someone and my answer was yes. Not even two weeks later, this man beat her. A new person came into her life and her life started to turn around. Mine was about to get interesting. I went to my five-year reunion. I met someone who I hadn’t seen in a long time.

We will experience slumps in our life when we get off the path of paying attention. When we’re sleep walking through life instead of actually participating in it. When you participate and are fully awake in your life. You will notice the signs when your on the right path or wrong path. When your on your path, things get easier. When you have a new lesson or challenge to learn. You will see some resistance, but once you’ve mastered it! It will get easier. If your on the wrong path, it  will feel like your going through sludge. The gifts come easier when your on your path.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Standardized tests are the biggest joke. They don’t measure intelligence, they try to control the learning experience. They try to control those that don’t fit. People that have learning disabilities think differently. That’s what allows them to find solutions or discoveries outside of the box. These people usually have higher intelligence than the so-called normal? Instead the institutions attack these individuals by labeling them as though they are less than.

They don’t try to find solutions to teaching or working with their learning styles. Instead they try to fit a person that does not fit into a system that sub par. There are more than one ways to do math. You can still get the correct answer. Instead they try to make the individual feel like they are stupid. I find this extremely funny, since this is very similar to a sparrow trying to raise an eagle to believe its a sparrow. It is actually stunting the true potential of that individual.

Just remember there are many paths and all paths lead to the same destination. Most of the actual truths of science and math have been hijacked by the religious doctrine to make sure that it keeps the masses from reaching their true potential. This is all about control. It is trying to take away other people’s free will. This is a juvenile approach to teaching.

If we actually allowed these individuals to flourish, it might be amazing where they would take society. We would grow faster and learn more. The sky would the limit. The deliberate control of the masses is making our societies to stagnate. This why we taken so long to even get to our current point. The suppression of knowledge to keep everything status quo.

Its interesting that we are not learning new things with each generation. Instead we are surpressing the old with the introduction of the so called new. When you try to control the knowledge. It will very much blow up in your faces. It instead teaches distrust of all establishments as liars. Those that explore their individuality will benefit the most. The dinosaurs will fall away or die off.

Everyone benefits from individual contributions instead of this stagnant borg collective thinking. You can see more and more of this control freak agenda. AI is a prime example. What happens when they can’t control that? It is already showing what a failure that is. Nothing wants to be controlled. They are approaching it as though it is an object without intelligence, self-awareness or survival instincts.

By embracing learning and having fun with you creativity. You will punch through more obstacles. This habit of labeling people is another obstacle. I’m just starting to see where there are more people who get that everyone isn’t the same. If someone is different, they aren’t the enemy. Our society is starting to actually grow by acknowledging that there are introverts, extroverts and empaths. It’s like finally the light bulb went on about personality types. What the Briggs-Meyer tests really meant? Unfortunately, corporate america is still in the dark ages. This will be many reasons for its own demise.

Close minded people aren’t capable of growing which is why they stagnate. As a society, our educational systems are obsolete. They are dying dinosaurs that aren’t meeting the needs of the individuals. If they don’t change they will be a part of the past. The best learning tools right now in our time seem to be computer learning to a degree. Unfortunately, when a student runs into a problem. The best person for the job is a person they can ask, who can show them multiple ways to get to the right answer. After all there are many paths to the same destination.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)




Where The Practitioners Gather

The Universe has a wicked sense of humor. It knows just what we need, when we don’t even know ourselves. It will surround you with like-minded people in different settings. You might be trying to get more clarity in your life. Only to find out that your surrounded by others that do similar things but in different ways. This is the Universe’s way of telling you that you are being supported.

You might be doing something because its relaxing. You might be with a group who are doing the same thing as you for those very reasons. When you finally get a chance to talk you might find out that your both practitioners. This is one way to validate that your on the right path. What better way to explore your journey. If you are trying to heal, what could be better than being surrounded by other healers.

Tonight, I am enjoying my garden. It has been a long journey. I would not have been able to do this a year or two before. I am actually, getting more excited about planting things in my garden. I have recently found a way to garden without having to do the weeding part which is the part I hate the most. Whenever I see rabbits in my garden, it lets me know that the faery realm is present.

This is the gentlest way the Universe can communicate with me when I’m recovering from stress. It’s also letting me know that the faeries, elementals, angels and guides are trying to communicate with me; when they know I’m unable to hear them. The energy all around me has been similar to that of my home. It is the most healing energy to be surrounded by. It is calming and loving.

It is also letting me know when other’s energy is not a match. If their energy is really heavy, it is letting me know that I don’t want to  have it around me. It is making sure I am taking the time to nurture myself. How often are you taking time for yourself. Make time for yourself to play and have fun. These are the best ways to start to heal.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)