The Wizard of Oz

Some people think it was only a movie. The creator was very clever, the person looked at the current society all around them. The characters are perfect representations of what we see all around us. The face value of the characters still applies even today. We see a society surrounded by fear and sleep walking through life; rather than facing it head on.

There is so much diconnect from what is really going on all around us. The manipulation and the distorted narrative that the masses are being spoon fed. There are so many spin masters in so many different industries.  It’s like a voluntary imprisonment. When people get fed up enough there will be no stopping them. As I watch the people and things all around me. I’m seeing it getting hotter and hotter. The revolution energy is getting  closer.

There are people that are refusing  to take back their power. The masses  will not let these people stand in their way of progress. Changes are coming, its like a train that is getting more and more momentum. It will not be stopped. Those in government are getting closer to exploring which side their loyalties ly. It’s only when they face their darkest fear that they will find freedom and empowerment. As we move forward through these trying times, may we all find peace at the end of the tunnel.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc

Mirror, Mirror, What is the Deadliest One of All?

With all these chemicals in our lives. It’s becoming a wonder on how we survive? There are chemicals in our foods, that can trigger allergies, migraines, asthma or even death. I’ve experienced brownies that could rival Lysol for giving you a migraine in 3 secs. It’s amazing how many people just assume that migraines are a part of life when its anything but.

There are a lot of rebels that feel that if you can’t smell it, it’s okay to wear it anyway and the consequences be damned. Unfortunately if your an asthma sufferer and on the receiving end of that perfume that is in stealth mode. Your air way will suddenly be on the move to suffocate you and you won’t be sure why? Oh and did I mention, it will take you about a week to get your throat back to normal. That’s if your lucky enough to make your escape from the environment without dying.

Then you will have those nut jobs that like to spray essential oils in peoples faces. Because they can! All I can say, is that peppermint that just got sprayed in your face that is now triggering an asthma attack. Said nut job will have fun explaining their actions before a Judge for assault! This is why department stores stopped spraying perfume around customers. That perfume that is in stealth mode, is not the cheap stuff either. It is a high end perfume that comes from the high end department stores.

Hair care products are lots of fun too.  If there is peppermint in it and your sensitive. You’ll love having a scalp that is burning. Other shampoos that have nuts. If you have a nut allergy. You’ll know real fast if you didn’t know before. You will either have an itching frenzy or a severe reaction.

Good luck on your journey in health and beauty,

Penny J (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc