Our Deceased Love Ones

I often have people ask me, how will I know when loved one’s are around me.  One of the things, I notice is that I will smell them. I have psychic smell, so whatever they smelled like when they were alive is usually what they will smell like when they are around you.

I had a client that was coming to see me, that morning before she came I could smell nail polish in my kitchen. The smell was pretty overwhelming. When she came for the reading, I asked her if someone who she knew used to smell like nail polish. She knew immediately,who I was talking about.

I was doing a day job and I suddenly smelled my stepfather’s cologne. It was really strong, and I could smell it all around me. In May, I smelled two scents that my father was known for. It turned out that my father had passed in May. I found this out from my aunt in June,  she was with him in May when he passed.

This is also common with people who are in a Coma, to leave they’re bodies and visit their loved ones. This is one of the reasons it can be very difficult for a psychic medium or medium to know if a person is deceased or not. Both will feel like spirit since in their purist form that is what they are.

Many people will see lights flicker in their house or electrical things act up. This is another sign that deceased loved ones are around. We are made up of electricity in our physical and spiritual form. Some people will feel their loved ones as a warm touch on the back of their shoulder.

Death is never the end, it is just moving into a different dimension or frequency.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc