Solar Flares from the Sun

If you are a very sensitive person, who is prone to depression. The Sun’s solar flares might be effecting you. This last Thursday through Saturday the flares were particularly bad. You might have felt sadness and despair.

If you have a citrus essential oil in the house you can do aromatherapy. If you have an aromatherapy kit. (The kits have a little glass container for water and you put the essential oil a few drops in the water and light the tea light below as it heats up the steam releases the oil.

Otherwise, you can take an empty spray bottle and fill with water and a little bit of rubbing alcohol about four to five drops of the essential oil. Once the top is firmly on shake the bottle to get the oil blended then spray into the room.

We are trying to lighten up the energy of the room with the citrus. It should start to lift that feeling of doom and gloom.

This is not a replacement for those that are on medication.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc   (MN, USA)


Crystals & Minerals

Crystals have many personalities just like people. Some love to help the earth and plants to heal and regenerate.

Others are dedicated to helping the animal kingdom whether its above ground or in the sea.

The coral in the ocean brings a different energy to the mix. You will definitely feel like you are in the ocean.

As a healer I have always given the crystals, stones and coral a choice if they want to participate in a healing with a person.

These elementals are part of the faery realm and they have a choice if they want to help or not. These elementals are living entities and not inanimate objects.

If you’ve ever paid attention and been close enough to a stone or crystal. Each stone and crystal has a vibration.

You can feel the energy moving above a stone or crystal; it is much like the waves that move in water.

When these elementals participate in a healing amazing things happen. A person will heal things in their bodies or in their energy field.

The mineral kingdom moves things gently in the body so toxins can exit the person’s body and allow for healing to begin to take place.

Just like people need a vacation, minerals need to relax too.

For some it might be water, sunlight or moonlight. Each has a different preference just like people like different vacations.

Once they’ve had their vacation they feel even better. They will usually make a room feel lighter or more energized.

Each mineral has a unique signature.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc  (MN, USA)