The Warrior Class

The warrior class will be the next to awaken. They will start to remember that they were the protectors of ancient civilizations of the past. They will remember that they used to have the ability to shape shift. They will also remember the treachery of the those who thirsted after power and wanted to rule others.  They will start to right the wrongs of the past.

Some will think I’m talking about soldiers. The warrior class were not soldiers, they were protectors! There is a difference, they never thirsted after war. That was not who they were. They were protectors of those civilizations and its citizens. Unlike this time period where we have Kings, Presidents, Governments, Religion were the citizens are treated like an after thought.

The civilizations of the past did not have Government or Religion. The agenda was not to enslave its citizens or to make war with other cultures. It was based on a more spiritual civilization and higher learning. Telepathic communication was the norm. This is what the bible refers to as one language. The idiots that think it’s binary code of computers are really riding their egos. This time line has a civilization that is closer to a stone age. The past civilizations were true technology and a beautiful thing at that. There were no power struggles til much later on.

There have been two disasters that have threatened earth. Now is the third time line, some will think I’m talking about World Wars. Those are childs play, compared to what these monsters tried to do in the past. In the past they came very close to blowing up this planet. Look at this as their third strike, they still have not learned any of their lessons.  The warrior class remembers though. All the drugs and mind control devices will not work.  As we go further into the Photon belt everything in the DNA will start to come back online.  After all it is one of the most beautiful designs of creation to allow self empowerment.

The crystals and stones remember too. After all they have the ability to repair themselves. The mineral kingdom will start to take their rightful place again. They were the force fields and the defense systems and guardians of our past civilizations. They have watched over everything to make sure that those that destroyed those civilizations will never benefit from the past technology by trying to use it for warfare and earths destruction.

Earth is stepping up in this ascension to demand Justice for all the wrongs that have been done to her. The mineral kingdom will also bear witness for Earth to help to restore Justice.  Those that inflicted these wounds will be punished. Everything that they’ve worked to accumulate will be stripped away.


Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc