The Universe Always has a Sense of Humor

December has been a very interesting month. It has brought with it some blessings and some challenges. The challenges are those funny moments that you don’t know are funny yet. The Universe has all kinds of twists and turns up its sleave to keep things interesting.

Technology that really should be replaced more often then you would like. All of us have that stubborn streak where we want to get the very last drop out of something before having to replace it. Also trying to find the damn spell check button only to find that they’ve hidden it some where?

It’s not that I don’t like technology, it’s just I don’t want to have to chase it with my money every five seconds. I had to recently bite the bullet and replace a modem. Here’s hoping it last five to six years. I’m cheap like that on somethings. This week has also had many pleasant blessings where a lot of things just fell into place and everything went right.

There been some really nice gifts that came unexpectedly too. 2015 has been a very windy road, more so than 2014 which wasn’t such a picnic either. It will be interesting to see what 2016 will bring? More turmoil or finally some calmness as more and more lies are exposed?

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)





Making Hard Decisions

I had some choices about 10 yrs ago and making a hard fast decision at that time just didn’t feel right. I’ve reexamined these same opportunities and the timing feels more right. I’ve had a lot of gifts from the Universe. I think that its time to start making some changes. I am going to make one of those changes more official. The Universe more or less initiated me so I take that as a go sign!

The next change, I’ll just have to see if things start to fall right into place. These last few weeks, I’ve had lots of signs from Spirit and my Angels. I’ve weeded out people that don’t have a right to be in my life. I feel really good about that decision. It not about judging them. Its about allowing them to figure out life in their own way.

I went to a green house to get some Nature Therapy. I ended up finding the perfect thing that I needed. I’m ignoring all the noise on the radio and the news channels with their “Sky Is Falling” mentality. I choose not to get sucked into their Drama.  I’ve had a fight with a company that needed a dressing down. I feel no remorse, for giving them a good what for!

I’m sick of the finger pointing by companies that refuse to take responsibility for their actions. It’s so age two!  I’m tired of liars and manipulators. If your going to do something! Own it! I’m enjoying the healing effects that I’ve been experiencing.

I think the thing I’m most sick of is a country that tries to manipulate its citizens and lie to them. I’ll be glad when some of this crap is over. I’ll be glad when our National Guards Men are back home and safe and not being forced to fight a private corporations war and used as mercenaries.