What will you be giving up?

This time of year people think of it as a time to make a sacrifice in their life. Why not think of it as a time to purge the things or people who you’ve out grown. It might be a time to stop allowing people to dump their drama all over your life.

Yes, life happens and there are unexpected events that occur¬†beyond our control. There are also cause and effect dramas that are not beyond Peoples control too. Instead of trying to solve everyone’s problems. See if they can’t start learning from their mistakes. These are the one’s that they caused all by themselves.

Think of it almost as parenting skills to allow a person to find their own solutions on their own journey in life. Sometimes life gets really dirty and messy too. No one learns anything when people are constantly rescuing them from themselves.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be emotionally supportive when life throws a person a curve ball that no one expected. Sometimes these lessons are a test to help a person learn new skills or to make them emotionally stronger to survive a future event. ¬†This does not mean the person is a bad person and that’s why these things happened to them.

Just remember everything that you’ve learned is never a waste of time. You will use it in some capacity in the future to help yourself or others.

Sometimes it companies or services that we’re forced to use that are causing us unnecessary stress and drama. If it’s a company that you work for? Maybe its time to look for a different position either inside or outside of that company. If it’s a service, you always have the right to refuse to use it. There is nothing worse than a service that consistently is not meeting it’s promises.

Caller Id like voice mail is designed as a tool to weed out unnecessary calls. Weed out is the key word here. If your goal is to have more peace in your life your going to have to weed that garden sometime. You will be amazed at how much more peaceful and enjoyable your life becomes.

Penny J (MN, USA)

Human Resources

Some people believe that HR in companies is there to protect their rights when faced with unreasonable bosses. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are there to protect the companies they work for from having law suits brought against them.

How do they do this, they get you into little groups without your boss around so they can create a false sense of safety. They want to really weed out the employees that would cause problems. How would they cause problems?

They would basically fight to protect their civil rights in the work place. They might demand equal pay, fight against discrimination. Demand raises that they are due, better working conditions. All the liberties that they are guaranteed under the law. Imagine that?

When the economy went into the tank, a lot of businesses took advantage of their employees and became almost modern-day sweat shops in regards to wages and work. More employees are having to work two and three jobs just to make ends meet; not because they are living an extravagant life style. The bottom fell out from under them in their life as far as income.

Just remember the next time your HR is trying to get you to squeal about anything wrong in your company. It’s a great big trap! You will be the one looking for another job. They aren’t looking to fix anything about their company culture. They are trying to get rid of problems.

Penny J (MN, USA)