Are You Playing The Victim or Taking Back Your Power?

In our society, it’s either shaming you or telling you why you’re not good enough. Does your family constantly compare you to someone else? Why can’t you be more like so and so? If these things are happening in your life. It might be time to take back your personal power. Take a close look at who is in your inner circle? Are they team you or they trying to bring you down. Are you actually trying to take responsibility for your life or playing the victim? There is a difference, one is allowing things to happen to you. The other is actually participating in your life. That means taking classes or making changes in yourself to get closer to your goals. Are you trying to take the steps to get to your destination in life?

Just remember there are many paths to get to that destination.  Sometimes, timing isn’t right or we need to get more information to successfully reach those goals. If you make a mistake it’s not the end of the world. You just have to look at or have someone whose done it before look at your steps to help you discover where you went off the rails and how to successfully make changes so that doesn’t happen again. When someone says that you’re not perfect. Remind them that neither is nature. That is why it is so perfect, it is those imperfections that make everyone a unique individual.

It is what makes us interesting and makes our life exciting. Next time you want to know how someone did something. You might want to read their biography or books on what you’re trying to achieve. Just make sure they are really successful and not just selling books about something they’ve never achieved. If you get push back on your dream. See where it allows your to have your wins. Sometimes it will be one step at a time. A lot of the times there are things that we don’t know; but need to learn before we can be successful at the next step.

Whatever your path and journey. Remember to check in on how you feel. That is the best barometer on where you’ve gone off the rails and if your still on the right track! If you let fear immobilize you, you will fail before you even have started. That being said there times when you should listen. If you feel sick to your stomach about a decision. Listen and don’t push through. It is a warning to keep you from going off the tracks.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc


Embracing Your Dark Side

Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it! Sometimes, when you’re not feeling in a nice mood. Just embrace it. This is usually a result of stuffing down all those things you wanted to say to a person that deserved it at the time it happened. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by people who like to point fingers and not look at their own shit. I call this not having a life. These are the people we explode on when we’ve had all that we’re going to take. They will look at you as though your crazy and play the victim.

I also call this a result of not letting your inner child play. This is part of your strength, that says enough is enough. When a lack of respect and boundaries is constantly experienced there comes a breaking point. When you start exercising boundaries you will find that these outbursts start to become less frequent. In our PC society, of sterilizing everything and censoring other people. It has become this monster for creating more of these situations.

If more people would just be honest with their feelings and emotions and messy as they are! If people don’t like messes, certainly don’t engage in finger-pointing. That mirror might come snapping back into place and show that finger pointing right back at yourself. While your embracing the dark side, let it say everything its wanted to say if the person is still alive. If not, then write a letter and put everything in it. No matter how bad and then when your done, burn it. If you can’t say things to the living person because your afraid of the fall out, than write it all out and burn it.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)



I find it interesting that all the mirrors are starting to break. We are for the first time in history seeing a mass awareness of all the lies that have been told or cleverly orchestrated.

When we face lies head on it makes it easier to make changes. The lies and people who orchestrated them will finally be dealt with. This new chapter that’s about to open for us will be very interesting indeed.

I do hope that we will learn by moving forward instead of going backwards into denial!

All the walls, are falling away. All the players are being revealed for who and what they are.

This will be the first time as a planet we are dealing with all the lies together. It is not about race, religion or social class. It is about dealing with those who feel they above everyone and play god with others lives.

This will be a very liberating experience for those that have seen poverty for so long. They will finally step up and take control of their destiny and stop playing the victim. It is the opportunity for all of us to step up and embrace our Independence and Freedom to create our own lives as we see fit. This is not about controlling others or making self-appointed choices for others because we think they are incapable of deciding for themselves.

What an Opportunity this will be!

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)