I have recently had someone come back into my life. When this person re-entered my life. I thought we will see how long this person will stay in my life. So far this person has tested my boundaries twice.

I am a firm believer that no one has a right to treat another person with disrespect. I find that people with low self esteem do this the most. Everyone has baggage but no one has a right to tape that baggage on to another person . Women are usually victimized by this the most. They also will repeat this type of abuse on to other women. Men do this too.

Any time women see another woman start to succeed it goes one of two ways. If the women have strong self esteem. They are happy for their friend and proud of her. Unfortunately, these are the examples that aren’t made into movies. Why? There’s no Drama!,The movie industry would rather make movies about bad behavior because it’s more profitable and unfortunately helps set bad examples. 

The only reason, I’m so annoyed by this is that young women entering the work force view this as normal and acceptable behavior. Which keeps the cycle of abuse going. This destroys team building in a corporate setting and is destructive to many peoples self esteem. 

We all have relationships in our lives. Business or personal these relationships are built on trust and respect. It still amazes me how many people don’t realize that abuse is not just about physically hitting someone. Words can also be very abusive.

In this day and age, not many schools are teaching about verbal abuse. Some more high level corporations are; only because if they ignore the situation it will start to cost them in human as well as monetary capital. This behavior destroys the creative process in an organization that thrives on innovative products.

Penny J. 

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)







There is nothing uglier than the ending of a marriage. It can be very brutal, anything you thought you knew about the person you were married are quickly dispelled.

It’s like a declaration of WAR! The gloves quickly come off and the rules get thrown out the window. If your one of those fortunate to not have had a divorce like that. I say you are truly blessed to have had a divorce that was civilized and without punches. Especially if you have children involved in the divorce process.

Many are not so lucky! If you didn’t have children or pets to fight over in the divorce process you are still lucky even though the process was HELL!

Divorce, brings out the very worst in any human being. It is raw and vulnerable. Divorces that involve children are one of the worst. It’s like watching a boxing match. Very brutal! The casualties are usually the children that are being fought over in the divorce.

This WAR usually does not end with the custody battle. If it did that would be more merciful! No it continues into the Child Support and Parenting Issues. Each parent trying to strike back at the other for imagined or real hurts.

They often lose sight of the child, when they fight over the child support money. The child quickly gets lost in all of this. It’s almost like a game of Chess and the child or children quickly become treated like the inanimate pawns of the game. No thought is ever given to the children when one parent takes a verbal swing at the other in front of that child.

The verbal wounds still draw blood. Maybe you can’t see the blood you’ve drawn, because that child is bleeding inside. These wounds still go very deep. For children that have lived through domestic violence and watched the horror one one parent beating the shit out of the other parent. It magnifies when the other parent threatens to murder the other parent over alimony or child support in front of the child these are only horrors that some can only imagine. For the rest that have lived through it. It makes marriage and divorce look like a living hell!

This is why the Judge, pulls both parents aside and asks them to remember their children; because parenting is a live time it doesn’t end with the Divorce.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)