There is a lot of this lately. It’s like a sick drama that is playing out in people’s lives.

Divorce has become a blood sport.  The only winners are the Attorneys.

Where one spouse has to have the final win! Even at the expense of thousands of dollars.

One or both spouses using their children as pawns to get the final blow back at their ex-.

Never thinking, that while they are trying to slam their ex-spouse that they are really taking shots at their own children.

It’s like suddenly their children stopped being a person with feeling and rights.

This vicious competitiveness knows no boundaries.

Even the Attorneys get into the act. Egging their clients on so they can make the most money.

It seems like the only Adult is the Judge.

Even that can be short lived. Depending on whether the Judge has gone through a bitter Divorce or not?

It used to be that once a Divorce was over, it was never revisited in Court.

Now a days, its like people think they’ve won the Lottery. Instead of realizing how much this all costs.

They want to revisit it thinking they can cut a better deal.

 Some people think they have to turn on the TV or Computer to see war.

The battle fields are much closer to home.

Sometimes it’s about hitting back at someone for an imagined slight.

Other times it takes place in a work environment.

One employee wants to see how far they can go to destroy another employee.

It’s like a sick and twisted blood sport.

Sometimes the scars are visible while others are not.

We learn this type of behavior in our home life.

Movies that we watch.

I think its very interesting that we say. “Oh isn’t that terrible!”

Until the person doing it is us.

Then mysteriously we have a number of reason to justify the behavior to make ourselves right!

we love to Judge others, but we hate to hold that mirror up to ourselves.

It’s like we avoid looking into the glass for when we do, we will see ourselves looking back.

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Penny J

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)





When You Start Living Your Life

When you start to participate in your own life, you stop being depressed. You start making decision that affect you. You don’t allow yourself to be set adrift at sea. You are steering which direction and course your will take to get to your destination.

I’m not saying that life becomes a piece a cake either. There will be some tough days, when you will have to take baby steps through some of it. All in all it will be about you learning new skills in how to handle and take control of your life.

Sometimes the tasks will be easy and you could do them on autopilot. Other times, you will have to ask someone on how to handle something and from there decide if you have another solution or get more information until you can find someone or a better solution.

It’s the hard challenges that test us to see if we’re asleep at the wheel or paying attention. Every test helps you build on the skills that you have to problem solve. It’s almost like being at the playground and reaching for the next bar on the monkey bars. Sometimes its a little scary, but once we learn how to handle it we gain more confidence. Everyone has scary days, everyone has something that their a little intimidated by.

Think of life as practice. Practice this skill and then learn another skill or lesson to help you become a better you.

Serving Twin Cities Area:

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)