This month has had a lot of gifts. Things that could have gone terribly wrong have had a lot of buffers. The timing of events have been devinely guided. Have you had a lot of blessings to count this month?

Car issues are always hit or miss for some. I’ve found that whenever I’ve had car issues that things start to work out in my favor. Gift one, not having brake lines snap that just happened to be attached to fuel lines.  Gift two, not having the car get totalled out from being hit by a motorized bicyle. Gift three, finding out that the cable in the steering column has snapped and that’s why the horn and air bag aren’t deploying.

Throughout all of this mini drama, I’ve had a rental car. Big score! When you take a look at your life. You can look at all the drama or take the time to find the gifts in those dramas that kept you safe. We all learn something from the things that show up in our lives. This week, I was guided to switch some pictures in the house. This shifted the energy and allowed me to feel more energized than I have in almost a year.

One of my friends had the blessing to change vehicles recently. When she got rear-ended, she was in a much larger and safer vehicle. Her injuries were a lot less than they could have been. I definitely feel like the energy is finally starting to change more and more. I’m feeling  more of that exciting energy coming in.

Penny J. (MN, USA)