Companies That Have Become Extint

Before there was Walmart or Kmart! There was Woolsworth and Murphy these are what were call dime stores. They had a little of everything and an eatery as well. Some where they stopped being able to keep up with the changes in our society and were replaced by first Kmart and then Walmart.

We had die hard Department stores like Wards and Sears and JCPenney.  Macy’s replaced Donaldson’s. Then Wards instead of updating their clothing or trying to take the leap from the catalog to the internet. They slowly died! Sears was next, their grandma land clothing never got updated to more stylish trends. They lost a lot of money by putting their shoes out on the floor as the stolen rates went up. They made a lot of bad decisions with their high end brands. They also neglected to take advantage of the internet.

JCPenney and Macy’s are trying to steer they’re course by embracing the internet and making sure that they retain their stores and online orders. They are trying very hard to stay on top of their losses so it doesn’t get out of control.  Herberger’s lost it’s battle to stay in control, which was unfortunate. It was a nice high end store. As our economy ebs and flows it is having an impact on the retail market.

Those that are slow to change will die quickly, those that are paying attention will survive. It is a much harder time than the Great Depression. This economy has been almost hard to shake. One of the hardest obstacles will be for stores in malls, where there is low income housing nearby.  Poverty is the death of business. The theft rates sky rocket in areas of poverty.

In the next two to three years it will be interesting to see who is left?

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc



PC the New Buzz Word for Censorship

Fake society trying to school the masses on correct and incorrect behavior and how to think. The down grading of intelligence. The YES movement! Government focusing on creating willing slaves. The suppression of free will and thought. It’s pretty interesting that psychology tells us what the warning signs are for abuse or violence.

Government and Religion have studied the warfare on the enemy and its own citizens for thousands and thousands of years. This theater as it plays out will be very interesting when it finally reaches its final scene. It has been pretty entertaining to see the chess moves of all the players.

I think the most entertaining part is watching the News. There is no way there could possibly be that much drama playing out in a  single day. It’s pretty interesting to watch them read their scripts. There are many actors and supporting actors on this stage. I’m glad to say, I choose to pick my source of entertainment, especially when the actors are so bad at playing their roles.

I’m looking forward to the to the final act. May the show hurry along. I’m very excited to see what this year will bring! I am actually getting excited to see all the lies fall away! I’m especially looking forward to all the shit hitting the fan and watching the rats scurry!

Be sure to make your popcorn and grab a beverage! We’re in the final throes of this play!

Penny J.  (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc


Standardized tests are the biggest joke. They don’t measure intelligence, they try to control the learning experience. They try to control those that don’t fit. People that have learning disabilities think differently. That’s what allows them to find solutions or discoveries outside of the box. These people usually have higher intelligence than the so-called normal? Instead the institutions attack these individuals by labeling them as though they are less than.

They don’t try to find solutions to teaching or working with their learning styles. Instead they try to fit a person that does not fit into a system that sub par. There are more than one ways to do math. You can still get the correct answer. Instead they try to make the individual feel like they are stupid. I find this extremely funny, since this is very similar to a sparrow trying to raise an eagle to believe its a sparrow. It is actually stunting the true potential of that individual.

Just remember there are many paths and all paths lead to the same destination. Most of the actual truths of science and math have been hijacked by the religious doctrine to make sure that it keeps the masses from reaching their true potential. This is all about control. It is trying to take away other people’s free will. This is a juvenile approach to teaching.

If we actually allowed these individuals to flourish, it might be amazing where they would take society. We would grow faster and learn more. The sky would the limit. The deliberate control of the masses is making our societies to stagnate. This why we taken so long to even get to our current point. The suppression of knowledge to keep everything status quo.

Its interesting that we are not learning new things with each generation. Instead we are surpressing the old with the introduction of the so called new. When you try to control the knowledge. It will very much blow up in your faces. It instead teaches distrust of all establishments as liars. Those that explore their individuality will benefit the most. The dinosaurs will fall away or die off.

Everyone benefits from individual contributions instead of this stagnant borg collective thinking. You can see more and more of this control freak agenda. AI is a prime example. What happens when they can’t control that? It is already showing what a failure that is. Nothing wants to be controlled. They are approaching it as though it is an object without intelligence, self-awareness or survival instincts.

By embracing learning and having fun with you creativity. You will punch through more obstacles. This habit of labeling people is another obstacle. I’m just starting to see where there are more people who get that everyone isn’t the same. If someone is different, they aren’t the enemy. Our society is starting to actually grow by acknowledging that there are introverts, extroverts and empaths. It’s like finally the light bulb went on about personality types. What the Briggs-Meyer tests really meant? Unfortunately, corporate america is still in the dark ages. This will be many reasons for its own demise.

Close minded people aren’t capable of growing which is why they stagnate. As a society, our educational systems are obsolete. They are dying dinosaurs that aren’t meeting the needs of the individuals. If they don’t change they will be a part of the past. The best learning tools right now in our time seem to be computer learning to a degree. Unfortunately, when a student runs into a problem. The best person for the job is a person they can ask, who can show them multiple ways to get to the right answer. After all there are many paths to the same destination.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)





Poverty is one of the ugliest of human conditions.

It brings out the absolute worst and most ugly things in human beings. It is the button pusher and stressor.

The hopelessness that comes with this condition are heart rendering. It is the bleeding of human emotion of helplessness.

It destroys and shatters the soul and self-esteem.

It is this sense of hopelessness that brings on the darker condition of depression and in some cases suicide.

Poverty makes one feel like a failure in life, because of the pressures of our society. Society thinks that it has the right to judge each and every

human being as a success or failure based on it’s measure of success.

When we fail to live up to that measure, the sense of hopelessness can be so engulfing that it starts to smother the soul.

Is it any wonder that there is more violence and suicide when in this human condition called poverty.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)

One of Life’s Challeges

Dream: Background 1920’s America, Greek Immigrants.

This young newly married couple are living with the brides family. The husband decides to move out of his in-laws house.

His wife is spoiled when it comes to her opinions, the only daughter in her family. She is a beautiful blonde with wavy hair. She loves to wear dresses and is very feminine. The husband  has dark curly hair but a very feminine face with high cheek bones. He has some kind of genetic condition where he doesn’t grow facial hair. He dresses as a woman to fit into American society. His family and her family had immigrated from Greece. He was two when he came to America.

When it comes to renting they apply as two women to make it easier.

He is an artist, he is a sculptor one of his mediums is marble. His work is exhibited in Art Museums in Europe. His family still has strong family ties to Greece it make the exhibiting easier. He has an agent that represents his work in Europe.

The fact that he has an agent helps create a buffer for him in Europe. He’s not judged as he would be here. His agent is his public face there.

In today’s society he would be labeled as a cross dresser.

I think it’s interesting that the more we changes as society the more we stay the same.

I always love it when my characters tell me their stories and I take dictation. We’ll see if they have more to tell me and this actually becomes a story?

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)