What Lessons Is The Universe Trying To Teach You?

Pay attention to the cycles that keep repeating in your life. Are you a taker, giver or a receiver? If you constantly are giving and suck at receiving. The Universe, might give you lessons where your forced into situations where you have to receive. If you’re a taker, you might be put a position where everything is taken away from you. If your good at balancing your giving and receiving the cycles of those lessons will become less and less.

What cycles keep repeating in your life? If your meant to have your own business. You might find that every time your working for other people; you have the co-workers or boss from hell or both. Are you taking responsibility for your life or must sleep walking through it. Pay attention to the relationships in your life. Do you respect yourself, or are you a people pleaser. You will find that you don’t even know who you are any more. People who respect themselves have taken the time to get to know themselves.

Do you put up with trash people in your life or do you take it to the curb. This includes family and other relationships. When you respect yourself, you won’t even put up with these people in your life. People who have self-respect for themselves are always growing and learning new things. Do you surround yourself with people who build you up or tear you down? People with low self-esteem, hate themselves are always tearing other people down. Their jealousy is always present and they can’t wait for other people to fall. People with self-esteem are always cheering their friends on when they succeed.

Pay attention to who your surrounding yourself with? Are they toxic or quality people?

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)





Cleaning House In Our Lives

Since about September its felt as though we need to do a thorough house cleaning in our homes as well as our lives. The dusting and sweeping and shaking of rugs. In some cases it is literally dusting those cobwebs out of our house and our lives. Some of those cobwebs masquerade as concerned family and friends. Others might be nosy co-workers.

As we give those rugs a good shake and the dust and dirt fall outside. It makes our living space feel somewhat lighter. Similar to when we get rid of toxic people from our lives. We can start to think and breathe easier. Eliminating those people who don’t respect boundaries in our life, by screening calls or even blocking their phone numbers. Just as we get rid of clothing that no longer fits and letting go of relationships that been out grown.

This feeling has become stronger as we’ve gotten closer to the end of the year. Getting rid of things that we never liked. By being more true to who we are; and being someone we aren’t to please other people. Speaking up more rather than being PC. Finding our voice rather than holding on to anger and allowing it to build. Spending time to get to know yourself and find out who you really are! Instead of trying to be someone you’re not just to please others. That in and of itself is a losing battle into insanity.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc





Getting Back Our Sanity

When you’ve had enough of crazy, and decided to take back your life. You can start with baby steps. You can either look at the controlling people in your life or the people who are a pain in the ass in your life. They usually end up being the same.

Turn off the news be it cable, computer, tv or radio. You’ll feel much better and actually able to do more in your life. No one needs portable instant stress in their life. Most of you have probably never allowed your home to be totally silent. It might feel strange at first but once you do it. You’ll be amazed at how much calmer you will feel.  You will feel your shoulders and breathing relax more.

Your probably thinking that there is no possible way to get rid of those annoying people in your life. That little invention of caller id, voice mail or answering machine is the answer to those problems. Nothing wrong with screening your calls. It encourages the to move on to someone else or to actually work on getting a life of their own.

Boundaries are not just for land or homes. When you teach people boundaries, you are teaching them respect. You are telling them that you are not a door mat to be walked all over. You are an individual that has a life, thoughts and feelings of your own. You don’t need outside advise that’s not asked for. You are not a child but an adult that deserves to be treated with equal respect.

Penny J (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc

Guardians of Property

Most people don’t have a clue that Land, Houses and Buildings have guardians. These guardians try to protect the property from harm. They are the heart beat of the property. It isn’t just people that have guardians. When you buy a property that doesn’t what to be what you dream it to be you are in for a course in disaster.

Houses that won’t sell are more than just a Feng Shui issue. Forcing a property to be rental when it longs for a family is a lesson in torcher for the buyer as well as the house. The house will send energy that is sure to make a renter not like the property for one reason or another because their energy doesn’t match.

I’ve had property where these exact issues cropped up and every case was a disaster. Houses crave love and get scared when there is violence in its structure. The violence will echo where it occurred. I know this because when I sold one of my properties It had been subjected to violence. I had only to enter the room to feel the energy that had taken place in that room. This house had only know love and it craved a loving family in it. It did not want to be rental in any shape or form.

Another property that I owned was fine with being rental property as long as the drama stopped. It had had all manor of drama from past owners that had not been responsible in potential tenants. This building had not been converted to rental it had been built as a rental property in the beginning.

You can tell a house that has had a loving family in it for years, the love energy will vibrate through its walls and only people that are a match for that energy will be attracted to it. People that aren’t at that energetic level will be repulsed by the energy and not know why.

One house that I bought, only wanted women owners. If there was a boyfriend in tow it wanted none of that nonsense going on inside its walls. After all it was a Victorian house it wanted proper sensibilities going on within it’s walls. I went through five buyers in one year. A widow had died in this house and her body may have been carried out of that house but her spirit had not. She got so pissed at me that she was ringing the door bell in the middle of an Arctic winter. It wasn’t until I had the guardian angels temperarily remove her that the door bell stopped.

She did however prevail. She found just the buyer she wanted a yound twenty something single school teacher and then the closing went very smoothly. I am know told that another single woman now lives there. Every owner of that house has been a woman.

Another property had another kind of visitor. It was affecting the business of that office. Things did get a little better when this sort of visitor was removed. No it wasn’t a ghost or guardian either. It was a Demon and yes they do exist and most people that do ghost busting will not touch this type of situation because of the level of danger involved.  Only people that have had training in Demons will touch these kinds of situations and they do approach it with the respect it deserves. This is not a job for Ego maniacs.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)