When the Universe Makes You Take a Vacation.

You are given some pretty incredible gifts. You reach out to someone who has come to mind to find out they needed your help. This is what makes this business very rewarding. It is the helping of people or fellow practitioners. Sometimes you will find that you’re helping your tribe that has a problem they don’t know how to solve. It makes all those classes that you were chasing down when you were trying to act normal and busy running from yourself.

Our world is changing and becoming more accepting and yet judgemental in other ways. This journey of finding out who we are and what we’re all about. This journey can be exciting one minute and scary the next. The forced vacations are about you and your clients. You will never be able to fully help your clients until you’re at your best. We as practitioners give to the point that we almost have nothing left to give. By taking time, to explore and play. We have more energy to bring to the table.

Nothing is more rewarding when a client or another practitioner tell you how much you helped them. This is not an easy journey. Sometimes it can feel like torture to focus on relaxing. It has become so foreign to us that we tend to feel guilty. Only other practitioners can understand the inner struggle. This time that we take for ourselves allows us a chance to explore and grow. It bring more inner calm back to the soul.

This is the gift we bring to our clients is the inner calm for their souls. Be it in a reading or a healing or both. These journeys are healing for both the client and the practitioner that help them grow more on a spiritual level. Be selfish and heal. This your time to rejuvenate.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc





Human Resources

Some people believe that HR in companies is there to protect their rights when faced with unreasonable bosses. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are there to protect the companies they work for from having law suits brought against them.

How do they do this, they get you into little groups without your boss around so they can create a false sense of safety. They want to really weed out the employees that would cause problems. How would they cause problems?

They would basically fight to protect their civil rights in the work place. They might demand equal pay, fight against discrimination. Demand raises that they are due, better working conditions. All the liberties that they are guaranteed under the law. Imagine that?

When the economy went into the tank, a lot of businesses took advantage of their employees and became almost modern-day sweat shops in regards to wages and work. More employees are having to work two and three jobs just to make ends meet; not because they are living an extravagant life style. The bottom fell out from under them in their life as far as income.

Just remember the next time your HR is trying to get you to squeal about anything wrong in your company. It’s a great big trap! You will be the one looking for another job. They aren’t looking to fix anything about their company culture. They are trying to get rid of problems.

Penny J (MN, USA)