Money Issues

I am finding it very interesting that most of the time it isn’t money that’s the issue. The dark horse is really those around us and their baggage that they like to dump on other people. They are angry or mad that others are able to manifest so they spill their poison all over the place. They try to prove their ignorant point by proclaiming themselves right about money by sabotaging those that can do what they aren’t able to do. The jealousy and poison are so unbelievable that you begin to wonder if you aren’t in some weird movie.

This drama is their way of life to continuously play the victim and be the viper at the same time with their venomous words. They claim to be so . . .   misunderstood. They wonder why no one wants to be their friend. They blame everyone but themselves. It is an interesting delusion. The spectators that have no life by choice because they refuse to participate in their own life instead of sticking their nose in others.

They are so gleeful about living an unhappy existence that one wonders would they even recognize happiness or would they walk right past it never noticing the difference.

They snear whenever they see money that seems to effortlessly rain down on other individuals.

 One individual approaches money with love, while another with fear. Is it any wonder at the results?

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Free Fall

As I watch Governments frantically scramble to regain control of their people.

It is amazing how the Revolutions are spreading across the Globe like Wild Fire.

This has been promised to the People it can not be stopped it is like trying to stop a runaway Train.

All corruption will be eradicated like the poisonous disease that it is.

It will sweep through the government in all countries and the justices and the leaders of all countries.

It will not stop til corruption is gone.  People think that Justice is what is found in a court room.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Justice is part of the cosmos. It is recorded into the fabrics of time.

It is no accident that the Goddess Athena was representative of  Justice but was also a Warrior.

We shall see what will be, will BE!

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)