Learning From Our Past

One of the best teachers is failure. It allows us to turn a situation around. Flip it all around and look at all the variables.  By taking each piece apart. We are allowed to look at the parts that didn’t work and why? The past is the past! The now is the now! We have grown and learned more things that we didn’t know in the past! We are better prepared, to face those challenges on our terms! Unless the problem was that passion was missing. If that was missing and the feelings are the same; I would seriously not bother to revisit that challenge again.

Either way, your learning things about yourself. What you like and don’t! Life is about growing and learning. It’s learning if what’s stopping you is fear or a warning of danger. Once you start to learn how to discern the truth for you. When you read books that tell you to face your fear and push through any way. This could be either great advise or a recipe for disaster! How do I know this! I have first hand experience! I have faced my fear and it was a recipe for disaster in the worst economy!

I have had people tell me that I’m just being negative about investment property. Some people can take any situation with real estate and rise like the phoenix against all odds. I’ve tried it twice in different ways. I learned that I’m an empath and that I don’t do well with rental property and tenants that are less than stellar models of humanity. I’ve learned that when a property doesn’t want to be rental and only wants to be a home and have a family again. It will sour any perspective tenant against that property. When the energy isn’t a match. The person that has heavy energy will be turned off by a property that has had lots of loving people in it. The Guardians will also kick up their heals!

When your trying to sell a property that wants only certain types  of people. You will find that the guardian of the property can very much influence the buyer. I had a woman guardian. The actual first owner of the property! She only wanted women owners. It was fine if they had children or not. As long as it was a woman owner. If it was couple man and woman. No dice! I kid you not! Recipe for absolute disaster!

I wish you well on your journey to learn more about yourself! Just remember to not be too harsh on yourself!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc





The Sex Of A Baby

People often wonder why its so hard for a Psychic to tell the sex of a baby?

Here’s the thing, sometimes the soul will introduce itself by showing it’s past lives. Just because it might have been a man, does not mean it will be a man in this life time. My Great Grandmother made that mistake. She had a dream before I was born. She assumed that I was going to be a boy. I had been a man, I was a soldier in one of my most recent past lives.

Some Psychics read energy. I am one of those types, I know how masculine and feminine energy feel. Just because that’s the type of energy I feel around the mother does not mean that is the sex of the baby. The soul still has the feel of it’s most recent past life.

Think of it as the Universe’s way of keeping things Interesting.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)