What is Distance Healing

Your probably thinking, how can that be real? Well it is, it gets into shit called zero point (Physics) and yes Physicists get this shit! I do distance healing all the time. I do it for our planet, our air and the large bodies of water on this planet.

When I do distance healing for the planet or the earth. It is a form of distance healing. When I do it for property, I call it distance property healing. I remove stuck energy or trauma that has happened on property (land) or a building. People being murdered is an example of trauma that can happen to land or a building. Not pleasant stuff and will make a place feel very uncomfortable.

I have done distance healing for people. Each person is different, so it will feel different for each person. Some people will feel the energy like a blanket of warmth, some will feel it like a tingling sensation and others will feel it in another way. It is a way to remove blockages from the person’s energy field or stuck energy. It can also repair tears in a person’s Auric field.

When my aunt was told that she might have to be on a catheter for the rest of her life. After her doctor allowed her to become septic from a liposuction procedure. When she wasn’t able to go to the bathroom, she was rushed to the hospital where they had her on a catheter.

I started working on her long distance twice a month. I focused on the area where she was injured. She lives in California and I’m in Minnesota. Distance healing can be done, no matter how far away the person is. She was off the catheter before the six months was up. I have sent her healing numerous times for different issues. ¬†Each time I’ve sent her healing, she can feel it at exactly the same time I start working on her.

Each person’s experience is different, base on what their souls journey is. If a person has cancer and if that is meant to be they’re way of an exit point from this life. Then no amount of healing can stop it.

I have studied many healing modalities. I have a MS in Para Psychic Science from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc