Going Back To The Beginning

I know we are getting closer to ending this insanity. Some of us wish this process would hurry up and get to it already. Some of are thinking, what the hell were we thinking when we agreed to come here. I feel spirit at my left shoulder as I write this. We are still in the photon belt. Once we exit it, there will be many more changes.

Our reality as we know it, will come into question. Everything that you’ve been told! All the lies will fall away. Only the truth will be left! The test will be are you ready for it! All those questions will suddenly be answered! You can choose to accept or reject it. After all the choice is yours.

Those of us who have been waiting for so long will finally see it all unfold. It will be a sigh of relief to see sanity finally return. The ability to communicate telepathically will return as well. The beautiful energy will blanket the earth once more. Those that are ready will change into light beings. Our other abilities will return as well. Peace will settle once again on this planet.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)





Chakras and Flowers

Just like Valentine’s Day is associated with flowers and roses. The Chakra system is associated with flowers as well. The chakra system has flower representing them. Open flowers to be exact.

Lots of opportunities coming into your life. You probably have a lot of flowers or chakras open on your energy system. Like a lot of fireworks going off celebrating what you want in your life and more bonus gifts.

Having lots of things not going right in the money department. You probably have some closed flowers or chakras.  Starting to see how this works! Lots of gifts and bonuses equals lots of open flowers (chakras).

When your energy centers become blocked. It can mean you have a lot of stress or toxic environments that your navigating on a daily basis. The reason these energy centers close is to protect you. If this goes on for too long you can start to become physically ill.

By clearing the debris from your chakras (energy centers). It is detoxing the aura (energy field) around the physical body as well. When this is done your chakras (energy centers) will start to open up again and see more and more positive changes enter your life. Word of warning, if you need to change jobs because of your health and you become stubborn about taking the action. The Universe will take action.

You want to keep that in mind. Do you want the changes on your terms or the Universe to step in. When the Universe steps in it can mean that you become unemployed on unemployment to get a better job that is less stressful.

Just something to think about?

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc



The Warrior Class

The warrior class will be the next to awaken. They will start to remember that they were the protectors of ancient civilizations of the past. They will remember that they used to have the ability to shape shift. They will also remember the treachery of the those who thirsted after power and wanted to rule others.  They will start to right the wrongs of the past.

Some will think I’m talking about soldiers. The warrior class were not soldiers, they were protectors! There is a difference, they never thirsted after war. That was not who they were. They were protectors of those civilizations and its citizens. Unlike this time period where we have Kings, Presidents, Governments, Religion were the citizens are treated like an after thought.

The civilizations of the past did not have Government or Religion. The agenda was not to enslave its citizens or to make war with other cultures. It was based on a more spiritual civilization and higher learning. Telepathic communication was the norm. This is what the bible refers to as one language. The idiots that think it’s binary code of computers are really riding their egos. This time line has a civilization that is closer to a stone age. The past civilizations were true technology and a beautiful thing at that. There were no power struggles til much later on.

There have been two disasters that have threatened earth. Now is the third time line, some will think I’m talking about World Wars. Those are childs play, compared to what these monsters tried to do in the past. In the past they came very close to blowing up this planet. Look at this as their third strike, they still have not learned any of their lessons.  The warrior class remembers though. All the drugs and mind control devices will not work.  As we go further into the Photon belt everything in the DNA will start to come back online.  After all it is one of the most beautiful designs of creation to allow self empowerment.

The crystals and stones remember too. After all they have the ability to repair themselves. The mineral kingdom will start to take their rightful place again. They were the force fields and the defense systems and guardians of our past civilizations. They have watched over everything to make sure that those that destroyed those civilizations will never benefit from the past technology by trying to use it for warfare and earths destruction.

Earth is stepping up in this ascension to demand Justice for all the wrongs that have been done to her. The mineral kingdom will also bear witness for Earth to help to restore Justice.  Those that inflicted these wounds will be punished. Everything that they’ve worked to accumulate will be stripped away.


Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc




Stop Chasing Someone Else’s Dream

I had a client who wanted to be wealthy. I asked him what would that look like? Right away he assumed that it had to be the big house or fast cars and lots of money. When he started to think about it, he started to realized that it might look different for each person. He’d never really given it much thought. It was like an abstract thought that you just toss around carelessly.

When we started to nail it down, it was a certain amount of money that would actually make him feel wealthy or successful.  I say this because wealth looks different for each person. I have done parties for people in my mind would be considered wealthy, but next to a billionaire would not. It’s all relative to your personal experience. Actually a couple of these people in this group, tried the Corporate route and found out that it made them miserable. One of those people found that he actually like to teach and coach children. That was what made his soul sing and brought him happiness.

The beautiful part about this group was that even though their friends found happiness in different ways. These friends stayed true to each other. If there was a bridal shower. They might use the friend’s house to have the party, but the friends that could financially afford to pay for the catering did so. No one was using each other. These friends stayed friends because of their friendships not over money.

I think it’s so easy to assume things about people without knowing the facts. I see this with people who are narrow-minded. I say narrow-minded, because not all people who are poor think this way. There is a huge differences in the churches these people go to as well. The churches, temples, (other religious types) that people who have wealth go to support the idea that the highest honor you can show your creator is to be successful and wealthy and that poverty is a sin.

People that go to churches in areas that have high poverty will be very shocked by the statement above. That’s because their churches like to harp on the evils of money and try their very best to keep the people in their community in poverty. This is why the wealthy stay wealthy in their thoughts and deeds. Totally different mind-set. When I was taking my prosperity course, I found this very obvious in the books I was required to read. I was very shocked when it said in black and white that poverty was a sin and that if you were showing proper respect to your creator you should try to be the very best you could be by being happy and successful and wealthy.

Here is where Happy, Successful and Wealthy are open to interpretation. This is not to compare you to someone else. This is to compare you only to yourself. When you chase someone else’s dream, you will never win or be happy. When you chase your own dream, you will find that somethings that you thought would make you happy might not. You then change course til you find out what does make you happy. This is what is known as Success! The wealth thing is open to interpretation, one person might be happy living on 50K a year. Another might need 150K a year and still another 3 Million?

When you actually get a life of your own, you stop caring about other people and how they live. You get clearer about what makes you happy, your goals and dreams and what does success look like to you. You start to make a plan on how to obtain those goals. You start to think about getting a mentor that has succeeded in what you’re trying to accomplish so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

You get a support group that understands your dreams and doesn’t try to tear you or your dreams down. Mastermind groups are great for this. This is how one begins to make one’s dream a reality! You are not put on this planet to live out someone elses dream either. If you choose to be a martyr then that’s your choice. Life is for living!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc



Clearing Property

I’ve had opportunities to shift energy of properties that have felt heavy.  A lot of the time, it’s taken less than the 30 days. I check in with the owners of the properties to see how the energy feels each day. One property had Native Americans that had died on the property when there were warring tribes on it. It took about three days to make the final shift on the land and the house.

Another property had some energy that was accumulating after several people had left this property. Even though the people had left some of their energy was still hanging out and drawing some negative entities. I checked in with the owner of the property daily and there was a noticeable difference each day.

Rental property can also be changed. People that have a lot of drama in their personal lives usually flock to energy that feels more heavy. People that are more in control of their lives, will be repelled by heavy energy. They won’t know what it is about the rental, they’ll just know they don’t like it. Same for people with Drama, they don’t like properties that have energy that feel really light. They won’t know what it is but they won’t like the rental.

If you’re a landlord, you might want to decide what kind of tenants you want to draw to your properties. If your properties have had a lot of violence and you don’t want to keep drawing that type of tenant. Energy can be shifted to lift out this energy. It might take 30 days or less depending on how much energy has accumulated.

It’s not uncommon for energy to hang out after the residents have left a property. This can effect a property being able to sell quickly or getting a property to rent.  Since I feel and read energy, it is very easy for me to do distance clearing on the property in question. I don’t have to physically go to the property. The energy will start to feel lighter and more airy. People usually notice that they feel less drained and have more energy.

Penny J.  (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc



Going Back To The Womb

Fall to Winter is the best time to start getting quiet an a time to start creating. I love this time of year! Snow, not so much, but it gives me the perfect excuse to stay in and drink hot chocolate. It’s the perfect time to write and paint.

This year was the first time that I actually got to know that my one aunt who is the baby is not a screw up. She is artistic. She got it from my grandmother. Instead of using it, she working at a loser job. I know it’s because her confidence isn’t where it should be. What a waste! She actually has a signature style. I can see it! She should be producing pieces of art and not wasting her time at a dead end job where she’s not appreciated!

Our society and some others don’t value artists as much as they should. Not everyone can create a piece that touches you so much that it makes you cry or is very up lifting. Same with writing. I’ve gotten away from some of my stories. I have at least nine pieces that are in various stages of development. I will be submitting some of them either this year or next. If they get excepted! Bonus, if not I’ll complete them for my own enjoyment. I do want to see them through to completion. This is my favorite time for just zoning out and letting the writing flow or the painting go where it will!

I love my characters in my writing, there anything but boring. They’re sassy and kick ass! They are very uncensored! A little like their creator. PC is so boring. The one thing that I know is that even in my dream time my house is very much on that plain of existence with me. It’s very much an extension of myself. I see new levels of myself with that house. Floors that have yet to be explored and rooms that have not been decorated or furnished.

If anything this time is great for exploring who you are or who you want to be? Maybe it’s changing the seasonal decorations? I finally had the entry hall painted for the first time this year. I’ve been in this house 15 yrs and I’m still taking steps to claim it as my own. I just called a friend to get feed back on why the entry way looks off. She helped me pin it down. I’m starting to transform the colors of this house from blah to bold and vibrant and passionate. It’s starting to echo the art in the house.

I’ve started to wander off topic, If your a passionate person, then embrace that about yourself and start to feed your creativity and explore where it leads you. Stop being a people pleaser! Be selfish, very, very selfish with what you want to create! If your want to re-invent yourself and take your career or personal life in another direction. Here is your opportunity, think of it as a life under construction. This is not a race, you get to take time to think about what you like and don’t and start to steer it in the direction that you like.

By Penny J

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)




Happiness has been touted as something outside of one’s self . It tries to get us to believe that we are these helpless victims and that if we’re lucky we will find happiness. What a bunch of crap!

I recently had a client, who really believed that he needed this one person to complete him and find happiness. If this client had been a woman, people would describe this as the prince charming trap. A lot of religions promote this mentality as well. This is why so many people are unhappy.

Part of learning about happiness is about learning about yourself! Who you are? Who you are not? Who do you want to be? Learning that being selfish can in fact be a very good thing, it helps you set up boundaries! It helps you to say no to things that you don’t want to do. It help you to grow and discover new things. It helps you to take back your personal power!

I always get a kick out of people who freak out over Tarot decks. The two cards they usually go nuts over are the Devil  and the Death card. The Devil is the best one to get, it usually reminds you that you need to stop giving away your personal power and stop playing the starring role as the victim! It’s about set boundaries, be it with family, friends or co-workers. It actually gets you to finally participate in your own life. It helps you to move out of being stuck and unhappy. It allows you to let go of friends that aren’t where you’re at right now. This is in no way a rejection or a judgement on them. If your paths are meant to cross in the future they will.

Now to the Death card, people always assume this card means that someone is going to die! Well yes and no! It is the ending of how they’re life has been up to this point. It is the new beginning for how they want to move they’re life forward.  Examples: Single person is getting married. It is the death of they’re single life and the beginning of they’re married life. The Death card is a blessing since it means that there is a new beginning coming.

Happiness is within all of us, it was never outside of us. I’m not going to say this is a mind-set. It is actually about self discovery and uncovering or pulling back the layers on yourself and finding those great things about yourself that you love and like. This is not about someone’s opinion of your or they’re judgement of you. They don’t get to have a say in this! Why? Because this is not they’re life! If your constantly surrounded by people who tear you apart or toxic people. You might need to start cleaning house. Caller Id is our best friend and so is voice mail, start screening those calls. These are the best ways to get rid of toxic people if your lousy at boundaries.

You will start to notice the more these people aren’t in your life, the better you start to feel. You will finally find out what it feels like to be calm. Most people find out that they’re less depressed. Once you find that calmness and inner peace you will never let someone take that from you again. Surprise that is what happiness is! Being at peace with yourself whether you have someone in your life or not. It about not having Drama in your face 24 x 7.

Unfortunately, they didn’t do a movie about this! Why? It wouldn’t sell! So start taking life one day at a time and start seeing how you start to feel. Oh and be sure to hit the off button on the cell phone it allows for sometime to yourself that you’re not being tracked down by the electronic age.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)