Here is my sense of humor coming out.  When new transplants come to our state we should give them a “Welcome Package” in side will be a list.

On the list will be helpful suggestion that say if you’re a woman. You might rethink shaving your legs after all you will need the added warmth to keep your legs warm. Panty hose and long johns are necessities that you will need. Dresses and skirts in the winter are strongly frowned on. After all the objective is to stay warm and not end up like a popsicle. Hearty meals are encouraged, after all it’s all about staying warm. Chili, soup and stews are all part of the fare for this state if you want to survive.

For men, you don’t get points for turning blue. Thermal wear is an accessory to not be without. Car gear for emergencies. A sleeping bag that is rated for below zero weather and a winter survival kit. Oh and when the weather guy or gal says that it will be getting to 19 above and that there is a severe weather watch. This is not a suggestion to keep off the roads. As one of our new transplants found out when the buses stopped running and almost ended up stranded.

We do want people to survive our winters and not end up going to their a funerals.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc  (MN, USA)