If you suffer from migraines, you might want to re-examine what you use in your house on a daily basis and what you eat. I used to have migraines seven days a week.

I started by making little changes each day. First I started to change the food I ate. My migraines started to become less and less. Then I started by getting rid off the chemicals in my environment.

When I would get a migraine. I would retrace my steps and think about what had I just eaten or used. The thing is we absorb things through our skin every day. Just like frogs absorb things through their skin so do we. That’s why when things start killing them. You might want to pay attention.

The food thing is pretty easy, if you like Oreos. Try to go with the organic version of oreos. The trick here is not to give up everything. It’s just losing the chemicals in the food and your environment.

Your clothes and dishes will still get clean, you just won’t be consuming them on your dishes. You’ll become more aware of what you’re spraying in your environment. You’ll also be able to pinpoint whether your headache or migraine is from lack of water or sleep.

You’ll start to have less migraines and a better nights sleep. Once the chemicals were out of my house. I no longer had migraines. I did get them when I had hot chocolate that had chemicals in it. I don’t get them when I make my own hot chocolate with baking chocolate and sugar however.

Natural cleaners like vinegar, borax, baking & washing soda don’t give you migraines. It’s just rethinking how you clean your house. Your clothes will still get clean, they just won’t be covered in chemicals.  Also make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D and that your getting enough magnesium.

We aren’t getting enough of the minerals in our food that our great-grandparents did and these deficiencies are effecting us big time.

Start by trying these things and start to see how your feeling.

Penny J. (MN, USA)






Crystals & Minerals

Crystals have many personalities just like people. Some love to help the earth and plants to heal and regenerate.

Others are dedicated to helping the animal kingdom whether its above ground or in the sea.

The coral in the ocean brings a different energy to the mix. You will definitely feel like you are in the ocean.

As a healer I have always given the crystals, stones and coral a choice if they want to participate in a healing with a person.

These elementals are part of the faery realm and they have a choice if they want to help or not. These elementals are living entities and not inanimate objects.

If you’ve ever paid attention and been close enough to a stone or crystal. Each stone and crystal has a vibration.

You can feel the energy moving above a stone or crystal; it is much like the waves that move in water.

When these elementals participate in a healing amazing things happen. A person will heal things in their bodies or in their energy field.

The mineral kingdom moves things gently in the body so toxins can exit the person’s body and allow for healing to begin to take place.

Just like people need a vacation, minerals need to relax too.

For some it might be water, sunlight or moonlight. Each has a different preference just like people like different vacations.

Once they’ve had their vacation they feel even better. They will usually make a room feel lighter or more energized.

Each mineral has a unique signature.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc  (MN, USA)