The Magic of Nature

Nature communicates with me all the time. Some of the shit that happens is like something out of an Ascended Masters lesson plan. I get messages from the elemental kingdom all the time. I have herbs and stones show up in my dreams all the time. I have dragonflies that look like great big dinosuars. I have spiders that are huge. There is no missing them.

I’ve had a mouse. Stand perfectly still as I walked right by it. It didn’t scurry away. It just stayed there. I’ve walked by wild turkeys and canadian geese with their goslings and never been chased. I know other people that have had to get security out with their dogs to round up the turkey as they’ve been treed to the hood of their car to not get attacked by wild turkeys or canadian geese.

I’ve usually thought, what the hell did you do to these animals that they got this agressive. The only experience I’ve had where something was coming after me was when I was a child. This zoo had a pavillion where they had swans and people would feed them and they would get really agressive. They are particuliarly protective of their young. I think I was feeding them and they were getting really snippy. I have never had an experience like that ever again.

I’m constantly getting messages from birds. So when my aunt told me she was talking to the trees. I should have just thought, well it’s a family thing. I’ve had my own experiences with house plants. I’ve had a pathos plant shaking it’s leaves and very upset because another plant was too far away from it. Hey animals have their friends? Why not plants. I do notice that when I’m stressed, my plants don’t do so well. As I’ve become more spiritual it feels like my plants get affected more.

I used to be able to keep over 50 plants in my house. Than I moved into my curent house. I started to lose plants left and right. I’d never had that happen before. One thing that I’ve noticed, is that because I have a vortex on my property. It seems to make my plants more sensitive when I’m under stress. The vortex has been a blessing though too. It makes it even easier to communicate with the other side. It makes the veil thinner between the worlds of the living and the dead.

I had experiences of hearing the other side at the witching hour and now more recently in the day time. I have a huge tree that is very protective. When I’ve had the worst storms its acted a buffer from some of those storms. I’ve had less damage done to the house because of it. I’ve also enjoyed the land that my house sits on. It’s like a mini oasis from the rest of the neighborhood. It feels like its on another plain of existence.

I’ve gone for walks in a national forests walking with my dog at the time. I’m on the path and a huge buck and two does are just standing still. This dog has never seen deer before. I’m still sure these were elk. They were much bigger than deer. I remember telling my dog to not do anything stupid. So the walked by them and just sort of stared at them as we walked by. The elk never moved. They didn’t try to flee. They just stood there. I was about three feet away from them. These are the reasons why I say nature is magic.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc





Magick Is All Around You

Do you hear that rustle and that whisper! Is a part of nature, it’s a part of who you are! It is your birth right. It is what makes those manifestations appear in your life, good or bad. So start to own your power. You are not a victim to life. You are a part of life, so start to own your actions or your lack of actions.

It isn’t a faery tale only told to children. It is something that’s been brain washed out of you. Do you see that rabbit, are you sure it’s only a rabbit? Or is it really a faery dressed in a bunny suit to make you more comfortable with nature. Nature and magick, have all kinds of wonderful things to offer. Those things that go bump in the night, is it spirit or nature or a myth that you’ve been told never existed! Funny how all those Myths are starting to take on a life of their own! Boo!

Thought we were only a fantasy in someone’s mind! Funny how those things are coming running out to the mind and into reality. Are you strong enough in body and mind to face that which is yet to come. I hope so, for reality is about to tap you on the shoulder and say Hi! No this isn’t a joke! It’s time for you to grow up and face fact and stop living in fiction. Your children have more of a grasp on reality than most adults.

Faeries and Nature have been sending messages for quite sometime. Some have paid attention others have dismissed them out of ignorance. Those flocks of birds, the weather changes, animals showing up in your life for no reason. Mysterious messages on your voice mail that go on and on. The signs are all around you if you will only wake up and stop sleep walking.

The truth is about come out like a raging river that won’t end. The thing is? Are you ready to start facing it. After all it’s time to put your big person pants and shoes on. The truth has never been more in your face than ever before. Are you brave enough to face it. After all the truth is that dragons are much more friendlier than you’ve been led to believe. When we face the truth, there can be so much opportunity for growth. It can be scary at first, but you are not alone. You have never been alone and will never be alone. So be brave for you will find that you have more allies than you ever thought.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)