Going Within

There are many of us, who have no clue who we really are? We don’t know how life works for us. What do I mean by that? Well most of us have been surrounded by others and never had a moment to intimately get to know ourselves. If you’re an empath, this can be its own kind of hell. Picking up everyone’s shit. Thinking that your depressed when your picking up on the people who live with you. Having headaches that aren’t yours.

You might have no idea what I’m talking about. Everyone should be required to live by themselves to actually get to know themselves. This means finding out what stuff is really yours and what is not. What stuff is just bleeding off another and dumping onto you. One thing, that I’ve learned is that the things I used to think were mine. Were in fact someone elses. That means facing the dark side of yourself and giving it a great big wet one.

Society, likes to shove all their dogma down our throats as though it is a fact. When really it is a form of control and shaming. A way to make people feel like shit about themselves so they won’t stand up for themselves. Won’t have more self-confidence. Once you intimately get to know yourself. You will never go back.  You learn that those parts, that you’ve been told are un-loveable are really strengths that have yet to be accepted.

When you start to accept all of who you are? You will find that you are finally becoming a whole person. That part of yourself that you wanted to eliminate will stop having its tantrums; when you finally accept it and allow it to play in more healthy ways. Sounds like parenting a child! In a way, it very much is. Reading parenting books might sound crazy but if you want to win this war that will be your best course.

This will help you integrate your shadow side, it will allow you to get to know yourself without judgement. Everyone hates to be judged, the shadow is no different. Schedule time with yourself so that you can start to allow it to heal and play. Think you’re the only one that didn’t get the manual on how the world works for you. Trying to move forward when no doors or window will open up. Many will say it’s all about taking action. If you’ve already taken many actions. Then you might want to examine what area of your life hasn’t had attention for sometime.

This answer might be about getting out in nature. It might be about actually taking time to enjoy live instead of allowing it to pass you by. When was the last time you actually played. Play isn’t only for children. After all that demon that you call your shadow didn’t just come out of no where. It came from being ignored and suppressed because it’s not acceptable. It is part of you whether you like it or not. It will come out less with less drama when it’s allowed to play more.

Play also allows you to move forward when everything else has been tried. Especially when your stuck tight and not knowing what you’re doing wrong. Play can be playing ball, listening to music, playing musical instruments. Writing, drawing or even painting. When we get out of balance our lives can suddenly seem like its hitting the pavement.

Most of us, were never taught what balance is? We only start to realize its out of control, when it starts to take on a life of its own. This is why the key is to get to know yourself so you can try to steer your life in the direction you want it to go.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc








This is an interesting topic. People always think they know what love is. There are so many people in this world that haven’t even got a clue. They think it’s about manipulation, shaming and control. I see more people doing things they don’t want to do just so their parents will love them and vise versa.

Here’s the thing, just because you have kids doesn’t give you the right to think that you own them. They are not possessions! Relationships have it wrong too. Thinking that you own another person because you love them is pretty crazy too. Most of these crazy beliefs have come from Government, religion and all other types of dogma.

Real Love, is not about controlling or manipulating another person. There are so many people who just don’t get this! You should never have to give up your personal power to anyone.

Penny J. (MN, USA)


Our Deceased Love Ones

I often have people ask me, how will I know when loved one’s are around me.  One of the things, I notice is that I will smell them. I have psychic smell, so whatever they smelled like when they were alive is usually what they will smell like when they are around you.

I had a client that was coming to see me, that morning before she came I could smell nail polish in my kitchen. The smell was pretty overwhelming. When she came for the reading, I asked her if someone who she knew used to smell like nail polish. She knew immediately,who I was talking about.

I was doing a day job and I suddenly smelled my stepfather’s cologne. It was really strong, and I could smell it all around me. In May, I smelled two scents that my father was known for. It turned out that my father had passed in May. I found this out from my aunt in June,  she was with him in May when he passed.

This is also common with people who are in a Coma, to leave they’re bodies and visit their loved ones. This is one of the reasons it can be very difficult for a psychic medium or medium to know if a person is deceased or not. Both will feel like spirit since in their purist form that is what they are.

Many people will see lights flicker in their house or electrical things act up. This is another sign that deceased loved ones are around. We are made up of electricity in our physical and spiritual form. Some people will feel their loved ones as a warm touch on the back of their shoulder.

Death is never the end, it is just moving into a different dimension or frequency.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc



Parenting the New Children

This is for those parents that have very psychic children that are telepathic.

The parenting that you had when you were children will not work with these children. These children are very sensitive, their feelings are easily hurt. So your going to have to loosen up your parenting style a lot with them. Don’t use an authoritarian approach with them, they will simply rebel and refuse to talk to you. They do hold grudges, especially if you lie to them or treat them unfairly.

Parents if you’re trying to teach your children boundaries. Give these children choices to pick from to achieve your goal (based on their age). One it allows them to have some input in their learning experiences. It allows them to feel like they have a choice and they’re not being treated like a robot that is ordered around.

They can tell if you’re lying or if you’re not thinking the best thoughts. This is why the school systems that try to educate them from an outdated mode won’t work with them. They become bored easily and no it doesn’t have to do with all the technology that they’re being exposed too. These children that are being born are coming in with twelve and thirteen strand DNA. The things these children can do will blow your mind. The teachers that are in the education systems that hate children need to not be around these children. They will clash to extremes.

A lot of these children are old souls, some have been to earth before. Some have not, but have experience other galaxies. They remember their past lives. They have a vision for the future that has yet to be explored on this planet. They are very in tune with nature, they feel when earth and the oceans are being violated and exploited. They hate the senseless murder of animals.

One of the biggest things that you need to remember with these children. They are not your pets to be ordered around. You don’t own them! They chose to come here at this time. You didn’t create them, so get your ego in check! They have always been, they’re souls have been around for a long time. You are merely a vehicle for them to get to this destination. If you continually talk down to them or treat them like they’re idiots. They will detach from you when they become adults. They don’t owe you anything for they’re existence.

These children will bring a lot of very positive things to humanity. They can look at what’s going on around them and sum it up in a very short time. They don’t mince words when they speak. They are not trying to be mean. They are just very direct. They are not into mind games. If that’s your agenda with these children. You will find that psychology, will not work well with them. They resent being manipulated.

These children are like warriors. They would do well with martial arts to help them channel some of their frustration. It will allow them to have an outlet to express themselves. This will help them to express their emotions in a more positive way. It will also prevent them from having outbursts of anger. If they eventually show an interest in fencing, this would also be good (when they are age appropriate). It allows them to have an outlet for their emotions. Telling these children, to act PC will not work. They are very loving and expressive. They need to have an environment that allows them express their emotions in a positive way when they become upset.

All I can say to you is good luck raising these children, they are going to be thinking way out of the box and rigid parenting will not work with them.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)




The Dance Of Love

There are many types of love. There is the love across a crowded room where you can sense the other persons energy before you see them. Sounds like something out of a romance novel doesn’t it! I am constantly warning my clients about the chemistry thing in all the different love scenarios. If the other person isn’t feeling it long-term it’s a wash.

Sometimes, I think the reason why we see it in all its different nuances is so when the real deal comes we truly recognize it. If you have come from an abusive relationship or grew up in an abusive home the journey to love can be very bumpy.  All of these experiences are to teach us what love is not so that when love comes knocking you can really recognize it.

Love is not about belittling another person or slamming someone’s self-esteem into the ground. Love does not beat someone black and blue. Love is about  each person in the relationship growing and discovering new things about themselves and the other person. Celebrating your successes and failures without fear of ridicule. When two people come together they actually bring out the best in each other . They fit together like a puzzle piece that hasn’t been forced to fit. When it is a perfect match it is truly the dance of love.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc  (MN, USA)