Personal Victories

All of us have goals or things that we want to do some day? It’s those moments, that you finally achieve them and are really happy or you come to the realization that what was all the Hoop La about? It might be because we realize we were really chasing someone else’s dream for acceptance.  When you really own your victories, it lets you know that other thing are within reach as well.

In some cases that bucket list is starting to get whittled away at. It’s like looking at a Rolodex of our life and gauging where we’re at and how far we’ve come and how far we’ve yet to go. Sometimes its a feeling that we are finally ready for one of those things on our list that never quite felt right before now. The Universe, can also be a pain in the ass too. Where nothing seems to line up to allow you to take the next step to complete the final piece of the task.

The nice part about these victories is that they’re yours. No one can ever take them away from you! It’s not about people pleasing. It’s about testing and pleasing yourself for your personal growth as a person. Sometimes we like what we’ve become and other times not so much. We are almost like our own person clay. We can always recreate ourselves and change what we don’t like. Whether it be ourselves, home, lives, career or friends.

We are either a completed piece of art or a work in progress depending on how we choose to look at ourselves!

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)






Energy Signatures

Finding the one that you’ve known from the astral plane can get kind of tricky.

If the person isn’t in their physical body most of the time, it make it next to impossible to be able to read their energy signature.

All things have energy signatures, even cities.

Even souls that will be your future children have energy signatures.

They will have a familiar feel to them. It’s like a sense recognition.

Just as certain flowers invoke certain emotions the same will be true or your beloved.

It’s that soul familiarity that you just recognize.

It’s also why you buy a certain house or pick a certain car.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)



I always find it interesting, that when you look at the friends in your life and then look at the family members you have. You suddenly start to see who is Aunt Lucy and who is Uncle Jo. It’s almost like the personalities are a match to your family members. 

It starts to look like they were cast to play those roles. On some levels, I almost wonder if the souls of your family members aren’t also in those people that you know to be your friends. The friendship usually comes to an end when you finally realize who they remind you of. The funniest thing, is that some of them actually look like some of your family members. The similarities are uncanny. The mannerisms, its like they’ve studied the scripts in great detail. I know that in these relationships there is a lesson and an opportunity for each soul to grow.

At any given moment, one is the teacher and the other is the student. Sometimes both are the student and they just don’t know it. The Universe has an interesting way of allowing the soul to grow. It is patient, as it allows the lessons that need to be learned play out.



Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Coming Out of the Photon Belt

As the energy shifts become less severe, it feels like we are almost ready to come out of the Photon belt. The dreams are so deep, that you almost feel like your surfacing from the Ocean. It takes great effort to get a gauge on whether your awake or still asleep.

The realities are still merging. It’s hard to tell if your awake or asleep or in a parallel reality. The reality and the people involved in the dreams are characters that you know in your waking moments and some are from anther life time. The soul recognizes all the players. It is an intricate play that has a script all its own.

In some of these dreams, it’s like a horror film has hijacked you as one of its characters in the script. Some of the dreams have messages in the scenes that play out. In other scene’s you have the unwanted guests that choose to gate crash your dreams. The souls that speak to each other when the window dressing has been dropped. You recognize each other by the masks that you where in daylight.  The relationships of the souls in the dream time are from centuries old. In some life times you have been sisters and laughed together.


Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Things That Drive Us Nuts!

I once lived with someone that would wash out pop cans and then stack them in a pyramid.

It was amazing how much time this individual took to make the pyramid on the counter, without once thinking about putting them in the recycle bin.

It really is the little things that will drive you nuts!

Each person has a breaking point on what will send them over the edge.

One of my things is that I hate DIY Projects. I hate people who do this on house when they clearly don’t know what they are doing.

My own house is the victim of such a person. I am currently fixing or replacing the things  that were done wrong.

I’m constantly fighting a battle with the appliance left behind by the previous owner.

I know enough to not even think of trying to fix these things myself.

What can go wrong that isn’t in a text-book will. That is the law of this house, especially when they were a bargain hunter or cheap.

Recent example, I have a stove and had to replace a part that should have been a piece of cake.

Wrong, it took an hour and a half to replace a part in the oven that should have taken 15 mins.

The replacement part almost works perfectly except it still will not light the oven.

Since I know I have no patience, I don’t pick projects that are extremely frustrating to me.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)

Following the Peace

In 2006, I was tired of the Drama and stressful feelings of working in the corporate world.

Tired of co-workers that didn’t know how to do their jobs properly. Not because they weren’t capable but because no one took the time to train them in properly. Exhausted from the jealousy, when I was nominated for an award for helping a department beat their deadlines.

The childish games that are played in the corporate world can be never-ending.

I started to key into more and more of the peaceful feeling. I made a decision to finally pursue my goal of getting my masters in the paranormal. I started that program in 2007 and knew my life would be changing. I got more and  more at peace. I loved the days that I didn’t have to work. I would dread the days that I knew I would have to return to work.

As I was getting closer to completing my program. My job finally fell away. I felt so at peace.  My former boss was sad to be losing me. Inside I was doing my personal happy dance. I was looking forward to being able to serve my clients more. I have never been this calm and at peace before  in my life

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


I find it interesting that all the mirrors are starting to break. We are for the first time in history seeing a mass awareness of all the lies that have been told or cleverly orchestrated.

When we face lies head on it makes it easier to make changes. The lies and people who orchestrated them will finally be dealt with. This new chapter that’s about to open for us will be very interesting indeed.

I do hope that we will learn by moving forward instead of going backwards into denial!

All the walls, are falling away. All the players are being revealed for who and what they are.

This will be the first time as a planet we are dealing with all the lies together. It is not about race, religion or social class. It is about dealing with those who feel they above everyone and play god with others lives.

This will be a very liberating experience for those that have seen poverty for so long. They will finally step up and take control of their destiny and stop playing the victim. It is the opportunity for all of us to step up and embrace our Independence and Freedom to create our own lives as we see fit. This is not about controlling others or making self-appointed choices for others because we think they are incapable of deciding for themselves.

What an Opportunity this will be!

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)