Beautiful Moments

Because of the work I do, I am constantly seeing moments that take my breath away. I usually will get a scent and then the person connected to that deceased loved one will make contact with me. Recently, I smelled the scent of cinnamon and didn’t know who it belonged to but knew the answer would come as it often does. I was to get the answer from a person that I do business with.

We were talking about different things and it came up that her aunt had recently passed. I asked her if she used to smell of cinnamon. She replied yes, and told me about the most unusual funeral for her aunt. The funeral was celebrated for three days. She said that her aunt had always had a different belief system than the rest of the family. She said that when she attended this funeral. She felt such a feeling of peace. It felt happy and joyful. It didn’t feel sad. We talked about this and I told her I understood her aunt. She said that it felt like faery energy all around the event. I told her that wasn’t uncommon. I told her that it was beautiful that she got to share experience at her aunts funeral.

I think it was her aunts attempt to share with her family that death can be a joyful process; not something to be feared. Every time I’ve had deceased loved ones contact me; it is a very peaceful feeling. There is none of the drama that people tend to have when they’re alive. The guardian angels that wait patiently for their charges to finally decide to cross over to the other side is always touching. I’m always crying when they cross since it is incredibly beautiful and filled with so much love.

Earlier last summer, I was scheduled to do a party and it turned into so much more than that. The mother of the hostess had not crossed so she decided to finally do it at the party. I saw her guardian angel’s wings and watched as she took the angels hand and went into the tunnel of light to cross over. It was very touching. These are the moments that I’m blessed in sharing and they are moments that are very tender.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc  (MN, USA)