Why Failure Isn’t the Enemy

Many people fear failure like the plague. Sometimes it’s because when we were children, nothing was worse than having our failures thrown in our faces repeatedly. Failure is the greatest teacher though. It’s about trying new things and seeing how stuff works or doesn’t? It also reminds you how far you got before things went wrong. Sometimes it’s the economy or season. Businesses are like planting seeds to see which one’s will grow or take off.

One thing that can shorten the learning curve is if there is information on the topic or subject that your seeking to learn. This is only useful if the person whose writing about it actually did it and suceeded. Finding similar topics close to the subject you want to learn can be helpful too. It can broaden your approach on your model. It can give you more resources to try with different steps or price ranges in tools?

Like everything there is a learning curve. Somethings will work easily for some people versus others. Sometimes it’s a personality thing, other times it’s a similar experience thing.  The more times you try, the easier it will become if your really connected to it. If your so so, then you success will depend on if you even like what your doing or if your bored with it.

Sometimes, it helps to have a mentor or someone who can see where your efforts went off the rails. Experience will be your biggest teacher. There will be times when you want to throw in the towel. This is normal, and then other times when your working for someone else and you are itching to get back into your own business. This is very helpful in motivating you to learn and find solutions to where things didn’t work.

There will be times when you dig in your heels, and don’t want to include someone or do things in a certain way. Just make sure that the reason your digging in your heals isn’t because your feeling stuborn? There will be times when you notice, that when your feeling resistance. It’s because certain steps or ideas don’t work with your personality. This is normal, if we didn’t think or respond differently; we’d all be robots and the world would be a boring place.

Your feelings will come into play too. So listen to new ideas and then mull them over. Find what works for you and then decide what you will or won’t incorporate into your business or subject that your choosing to learn.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc






A New Age

I think it’s very interesting that with the Depression we’ve been in since 2001. I am seeing more and more businesses start to crumble. The sheer greed of these share holders is amazing. It reminds me of another time, 1987-88. There was a new mall that had just opened up and it was demanding to hold shares of every store that was renting from them. These businesses agreed never thinking that these share holders would try to see their shares in such a short time causing these a big cascading effect on these businesses. The businesses started to fall like dominoes and the mall was soon having to look for more tenants as these business started to fail.

These were not new small business owners that were unseasoned. These were large businesses. I am seeing the same mistakes being made not only in retail businesses but large billion dollar corporations. Where the share holders are demanding to see their dividends or they’ll walk. FYI in bad economies all businesses put their money back into their businesses not paying out dividends like the share holders have won the lottery.

This is why the small business will start to surge fore-ward like a race horse that’s been held back by its handler so it can finally surge fore-ward ahead of the pack. In the finish line, it will be the small business owner that will win. The know their business from the ground up. They don’t answer to a willful temper tantrum child.

Most of these Organizations don’t fully understand technology and are under utilizing what they need to keep operating. I am starting to see drone people. This is not innovative or creative. When you have robot people, you have a stagnant organization. I’ve seen people who look like the glee club for the organization in their marketing departments. These organizations have become Cults where there people only know the organization. They can not even bring any new or fresh ideas to the table.

Business is so blind to staying alive ahead of its competition that its ignored key data. In the 1920’s it clearly showed that you do not get better results from your employees by working them over 8 hrs a day. You get burnt out and resentful employees that stop caring because you stopped caring about them.

As we get closer to the end of this year we will see more and more obvious mistakes of these large organizations as they start to tumble like dominoes. They’re era is starting to end with more and more people becoming dissatisfied with how they are being treated. When you have robot people, your more likely to have Postal people.

R.I.P large organizations and government will soon follow. This year will start to be the death of structures that trample Peoples civil rights.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)






I’m going to touch on this topic, because my guides are prodding me to!

Demons can mean many things to many people, for some it can mean running away from themselves and their past mistakes. Others, it can mean an addiction issue. While for others it can be a mental illness or for some on a power trip it can mean trying to control a supernatural force by calling it up.

I’m going to address each of these in turn. When we run from ourselves, we are usually really running away from judgement. There is no such thing as a perfect person, there never will be. We make mistakes and that’s how we learn. FYI: There is no pass fail on the other side. You don’t get graded on how well or how miserably you performed here. The only requirement is that you actually participate in your life.

Those that are trying to chase things away with addictions, might be better served with a counselor or therapist that can help you get to the root cause. Some people are sensitive to the paranormal so figure if they can get drunk enough it will just go away. Not so, FYI: those things can out wait you. If your sensitive to the paranormal, take a class in psychic development. It doesn’t mean you have to become a professional psychic and do woo, woo stuff. It will give you some clarity that you are not alone.

For some it is believed that mental illness is a form of a demon. Believe it or not they aren’t that far off. In some instances people have been known to feel another presence when working with the mentally ill. This is not to say that all people with mental disabilities have demons around them.

Ego trip people who think it would be cool to call up demons. Guess what! Not so cool, these things are real and they can prey on you psychologically or physically. When people say that a depressed person has demons around them. That is true, they feed off of fear and insecurity. People that hear voices, might be schizophrenic or hearing demons. Voices from your spirit guides and angels. Will never tell you to hurt yourself or do destructive behavior. When I say demons prey on you physically. Here is what I mean, you can become possessed in rare cases or they can physically attack you. This is also rare, unlike what Hollywood would like you to believe. After all their world is all about ticket sales.

Speaking in tongues without protection not a good idea. It’s like putting out a shingle that reads body for rent. You will attract lower vibrational beings. Ghosts, spirits and possibly demons. If you are using protection before speaking in tongues your probably going to be okay. Always use protection when doing this. Same goes for automatic writing use protection. I know this is starting to sound like safe sex ed. class.

In truth, when I started this article; I didn’t intend for it to become this long.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)