When Bad Shit Happens

In the game of life there will good days and days that seem to never end. Some call this the dark night of the soul. This is not because, you did anything wrong. Sometimes it just happens. We are in control of your own lives to a point. Our jobs, the economy and other people’s decisions are things that we have no control over.

The best we can do is manage what we do have control over. There is no way that we can prepare for all unseen events. We can only do what we have control over. This is not to say that you have to be passive in your life. By participating in your own life, living doing things that you enjoy. It allows you  to take back your personal power.

Our Govt & economy seem to be off the rails sometimes with the insane decisions that are being made in congress. One has to wonder what drugs they’re taking or if they’re even of sound mind. Like sending jobs overseas so companies can save money. Reality, the money saved is actually going to the share holders as dividends that the company didn’t actually make that quarter. While the politicians are so worried about these companies. It actually reduces the amount the company pays in taxes and with those employees being outsourced.

Those displaced employees are no longer able to contribute to the tax revenue. This is the best way to self destruct a Govt. This unfortunately might not be a bad thing. Without a meddling govt and rogue politicians. It might actually force a lot of people to grow up to take on responsibility for their own lives and rebuild their own personal dreams.

Because sometimes things just happen. It’s good to own our personal power and take responsibility for what is really ours. The rest of the garbage that happens, we can only wade through it the best we can.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc





The New Factories!

In the 21st Century Corporations have become the new factories. They treat their employees like a metric game. They expect production norms to apply to professional careers as well as their plant employees. They expect nothing less than they’re numbers on a spread sheet. Many forget some important things, people have feelings and limited amounts of time to give to tasks. People are not robots or machines. Many people have financial responsibilities that require a certain income to be met in order to accept jobs.

The US has become a third world country for many americans instead of a prosperous country with opportunities. Many have watched their income become slashed to that of an unskilled worker and are treated as such. Universities are not a key to a better living any more. Tech & Trade schools are an opportunity to reclaim one’s independence and freedom. Working for one’s self is the only key to determining how much you will make based on this current economy.

This is a very crucial time, we will see if the next American Revolution is around the corner as people get pushed to a breaking point.

Penny J (MN, USA)