Is This Your’s or Mine?

One of the things that can be frustrating as an empath is the emotions that others start throwing around. Once you get better at discerning whose they are? It makes it much more easier to detach. Part of the learning curve is identifying if it belongs to a living or non-living person.

Just as living people have a certain smell that reminds you of them. They also have signature emotions too. If a relative used to be sad all the time you might need a visual cue. If your an empath, you will remember what it felt like to be around that person. For young children or teenagers, they might not even know what they’re feeling.

In our society, its so frowned down upon to express your feelings and emotions; depending on your family background. It usually isn’t until you live on your own that you begin to realize that those emotions might not have been yours. I remember having a client who was having a terrible headache. It wasn’t until I realized it wasn’t mine that the headache stopped for me.

Unfortunately, if only this was the case with the dead. Especially when they’re trying to communicate how they died. If they were dismembered it really isn’t fun. It’s only once you’ve finally confirmed some facts about the deceased that the feeling finally goes away. For young children and teens, if friend or family member has died and suffered from suicidial behavior or anxiety and is hanging around them. It can make these children start to feel these emotions.

It’s often why there might be one suicide after another in teens and very sensitive individuals. They can mistake those feelings for their own. The deceased person, doesn’t realize that they’re triggering this emotion in the living. They are usually just trying to not feel so lost. Because of churches protocal on suicide, it hasn’t helped either. Many who have committed suicide are afraid to cross over for fear of what awaits them on the other side.

This is why it’s so important for individuals to learn what their actual emotions and state of mind actually feels like. Usually this doesn’t happen until they are living alone if they ever do? Going on a personal retreat can be a growing experience. It will allow you to actually take the time to get to know yourself.

Penny J (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc








Life is like finger paints, it’s very messy sometimes. You have your ups and downs like the tides of the ocean rolling in and out. If one minute (sometimes it can be 6 years) down just realize that the tide will shift. The Universe is always pulling for you to succeed. That’s just the way it is!

When you’ve had the worst thrown at you just realize that you will see some incredibly wonderful things coming your way. Maybe it will be people, opportunities? The Universe always keeps things in balance. Just like a pendulum on a clock. The thing about life is that we get to experience a broad array of numerous emotions. Grief, sadness, anger, joy, happiness, excitement. If we didn’t every experience these things we’d be like robots, just going through the motions.

When you are going through those messy emotions, embrace them, own them and feel your way through them until you can’t feel them any more. Why? Because when you experience and feel through them and own them. You take away the power for them to turn into disease in your body. You take away the power of another person to hurt you. You also break the cycle of karma. You don’t have to come back and repeat any of the shit. Now isn’t that alone worth it! So the next time that crap comes knocking on your door. Embrace it like the best chocolate your every going to eat.

Feel into your messy emotions, like your painting a Picasso and smear all the colors till you can’t feel any more. That doesn’t mean medicate your feelings, because then you’re not participating in your own life your just avoiding it. You get zero points for avoiding life. You get 100 points for taking action to set boundaries between yourself and abusive people, situations.

When you’re at your dark night of the soul or just feeling like your life just turned into crap. Know that your about to see great things changing in your life. You just have to participate! If you have taken action, then know that something is on its way to you. Start to focus on what areas of your life are working and what do you have control of in your life that you can change.

Sometimes work situations feel like they’re on hold and you can’t move. Then look at other things that you want to change in your life. Maybe that relationship that wasn’t working needs to go? You might find that when you change that relationship that everything else starts to fall into place. Sometimes the relationship we need to change is with ourselves. How we talk to ourselves and treat ourselves?

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc

Parenting the New Children

This is for those parents that have very psychic children that are telepathic.

The parenting that you had when you were children will not work with these children. These children are very sensitive, their feelings are easily hurt. So your going to have to loosen up your parenting style a lot with them. Don’t use an authoritarian approach with them, they will simply rebel and refuse to talk to you. They do hold grudges, especially if you lie to them or treat them unfairly.

Parents if you’re trying to teach your children boundaries. Give these children choices to pick from to achieve your goal (based on their age). One it allows them to have some input in their learning experiences. It allows them to feel like they have a choice and they’re not being treated like a robot that is ordered around.

They can tell if you’re lying or if you’re not thinking the best thoughts. This is why the school systems that try to educate them from an outdated mode won’t work with them. They become bored easily and no it doesn’t have to do with all the technology that they’re being exposed too. These children that are being born are coming in with twelve and thirteen strand DNA. The things these children can do will blow your mind. The teachers that are in the education systems that hate children need to not be around these children. They will clash to extremes.

A lot of these children are old souls, some have been to earth before. Some have not, but have experience other galaxies. They remember their past lives. They have a vision for the future that has yet to be explored on this planet. They are very in tune with nature, they feel when earth and the oceans are being violated and exploited. They hate the senseless murder of animals.

One of the biggest things that you need to remember with these children. They are not your pets to be ordered around. You don’t own them! They chose to come here at this time. You didn’t create them, so get your ego in check! They have always been, they’re souls have been around for a long time. You are merely a vehicle for them to get to this destination. If you continually talk down to them or treat them like they’re idiots. They will detach from you when they become adults. They don’t owe you anything for they’re existence.

These children will bring a lot of very positive things to humanity. They can look at what’s going on around them and sum it up in a very short time. They don’t mince words when they speak. They are not trying to be mean. They are just very direct. They are not into mind games. If that’s your agenda with these children. You will find that psychology, will not work well with them. They resent being manipulated.

These children are like warriors. They would do well with martial arts to help them channel some of their frustration. It will allow them to have an outlet to express themselves. This will help them to express their emotions in a more positive way. It will also prevent them from having outbursts of anger. If they eventually show an interest in fencing, this would also be good (when they are age appropriate). It allows them to have an outlet for their emotions. Telling these children, to act PC will not work. They are very loving and expressive. They need to have an environment that allows them express their emotions in a positive way when they become upset.

All I can say to you is good luck raising these children, they are going to be thinking way out of the box and rigid parenting will not work with them.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, LlcĀ (MN, USA)


Poverty is one of the ugliest of human conditions.

It brings out the absolute worst and most ugly things in human beings. It is the button pusher and stressor.

The hopelessness that comes with this condition are heart rendering. It is the bleeding of human emotion of helplessness.

It destroys and shatters the soul and self-esteem.

It is this sense of hopelessness that brings on the darker condition of depression and in some cases suicide.

Poverty makes one feel like a failure in life, because of the pressures of our society. Society thinks that it has the right to judge each and every

human being as a success or failure based on it’s measure of success.

When we fail to live up to that measure, the sense of hopelessness can be so engulfing that it starts to smother the soul.

Is it any wonder that there is more violence and suicide when in this human condition called poverty.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)