Following the Peace

In 2006, I was tired of the Drama and stressful feelings of working in the corporate world.

Tired of co-workers that didn’t know how to do their jobs properly. Not because they weren’t capable but because no one took the time to train them in properly. Exhausted from the jealousy, when I was nominated for an award for helping a department beat their deadlines.

The childish games that are played in the corporate world can be never-ending.

I started to key into more and more of the peaceful feeling. I made a decision to finally pursue my goal of getting my masters in the paranormal. I started that program in 2007 and knew my life would be changing. I got more and  more at peace. I loved the days that I didn’t have to work. I would dread the days that I knew I would have to return to work.

As I was getting closer to completing my program. My job finally fell away. I felt so at peace.  My former boss was sad to be losing me. Inside I was doing my personal happy dance. I was looking forward to being able to serve my clients more. I have never been this calm and at peace before  in my life

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)