The Wizard of Oz

Some people think it was only a movie. The creator was very clever, the person looked at the current society all around them. The characters are perfect representations of what we see all around us. The face value of the characters still applies even today. We see a society surrounded by fear and sleep walking through life; rather than facing it head on.

There is so much diconnect from what is really going on all around us. The manipulation and the distorted narrative that the masses are being spoon fed. There are so many spin masters in so many different industries.  It’s like a voluntary imprisonment. When people get fed up enough there will be no stopping them. As I watch the people and things all around me. I’m seeing it getting hotter and hotter. The revolution energy is getting  closer.

There are people that are refusing  to take back their power. The masses  will not let these people stand in their way of progress. Changes are coming, its like a train that is getting more and more momentum. It will not be stopped. Those in government are getting closer to exploring which side their loyalties ly. It’s only when they face their darkest fear that they will find freedom and empowerment. As we move forward through these trying times, may we all find peace at the end of the tunnel.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc



I always find it interesting, that when you look at the friends in your life and then look at the family members you have. You suddenly start to see who is Aunt Lucy and who is Uncle Jo. It’s almost like the personalities are a match to your family members. 

It starts to look like they were cast to play those roles. On some levels, I almost wonder if the souls of your family members aren’t also in those people that you know to be your friends. The friendship usually comes to an end when you finally realize who they remind you of. The funniest thing, is that some of them actually look like some of your family members. The similarities are uncanny. The mannerisms, its like they’ve studied the scripts in great detail. I know that in these relationships there is a lesson and an opportunity for each soul to grow.

At any given moment, one is the teacher and the other is the student. Sometimes both are the student and they just don’t know it. The Universe has an interesting way of allowing the soul to grow. It is patient, as it allows the lessons that need to be learned play out.



Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Coming Out of the Photon Belt

As the energy shifts become less severe, it feels like we are almost ready to come out of the Photon belt. The dreams are so deep, that you almost feel like your surfacing from the Ocean. It takes great effort to get a gauge on whether your awake or still asleep.

The realities are still merging. It’s hard to tell if your awake or asleep or in a parallel reality. The reality and the people involved in the dreams are characters that you know in your waking moments and some are from anther life time. The soul recognizes all the players. It is an intricate play that has a script all its own.

In some of these dreams, it’s like a horror film has hijacked you as one of its characters in the script. Some of the dreams have messages in the scenes that play out. In other scene’s you have the unwanted guests that choose to gate crash your dreams. The souls that speak to each other when the window dressing has been dropped. You recognize each other by the masks that you where in daylight.  The relationships of the souls in the dream time are from centuries old. In some life times you have been sisters and laughed together.


Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Writers and Editors

Writers have Muses that help us put the pen to paper and create some of the most amazing things.

I love my Muses they channel the most amazing characters in my stories and help me get into the heads of these characters and bring them to life.

I had an experience earlier this year with a person that has an editing background. I have since decided that I will never have this person look at any of my unfinished work. Editors are not writers nor are they creative. They think they are, but they aren’t. They are very necessary for clearing up meaning of words or word choice. They however are terrible when they start to destroy or assassinate a supporting character. They tend to bring their baggage into the editing with all this PC stuff.

My characters are anything but PC and that’s why I like them. They push the envelope and do things and say things that can be loveable or not so likeable. They start to develop a personality instead of being some flat ink written on the pages. They take shape and come alive. They start to look like your aunt Martha or Uncle George? Without these things it would just be plain boring to read.

I have since decided that I will use an Editor that I have used to write my articles. This person is gentle with changes without losing the meaning that the author was trying to convey. I am by no means a grammar person. I love writing and almost stopped because of all the difficulties that I had. When teachers, teach they need to know the difference between individuals that are writers and editors. Their well-meaning can be fatal to a creative individual that loves to write. I have met many an english major that was pretentious about writing.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)