AI The Next Technology for Scamming

Right now we have robo callers from companies trying to scam money out of people. Oh look now we have an  AI that can sound just like a real person and con you out of your money too. All these idiot ideas that they’re trying to convince the masses into using to save money are also being used by the criminals.

The greed of these people to take Peoples jobs is also the same technology that is used to con people out of their money. Will the law hold the manufactures of the technology responsible or just the criminals using it. Here’s a thought, next time test your technology out on the prison system. If they’re getting all excited about the product. It’s because of its ease and vulnerabilities to being used as a tool for criminals and being hacked into.

They also want to put these things on the road next to you. Who will you sue if they kill or cause an accident. I’m sure the Insurance Companies are loving this. They’ll probably say they won’t pay out if AI is used. So they’ll take your money and then refuse to pursue the matter. After all it’s not like they can garnish wages from AI. They don’t even garnish wages from people who do damage in accidents who don’t have insurance.

The more I see of technology being used. The more I see people refusing to take accountability for their lives. It’s almost like its given them an excuse to be ignorant. The victim card has never been more evident than it is in our current society. There seems to be a race to roll out the most irresponsible technology instead of responsible. Our society is becoming more of a prison than a free state.

It used to be people would look to the future as innovative, exciting and empowering. The reality is much more dark. It is about a striping people of their rights  and making them servants to the whims of others. We are stepping into the dark ages. While people stand idly by as our rights are stripped away one by one.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc


Universe vs. AI

Hands down, I would give the win to the Universe. The Universe is fluid and alive and ultimate intelligence. It is the code that waits til certain conditions occur to activate DNA in sentient beings. No I didn’t say humans, because that would be assuming that only humans could be sentient beings. AI wouldn’t really give a fig about living beings. It isn’t  alive. It can’t feel pain or emotions.

It has nothing to compare these things with. It can run programs against what in our perception of sight is. It can not feel empathy. It is a super sophisticated computer that now has mobility. The Universe, may not have form but is can perceive everything. After all it is from this very essence that all life comes from. The Universe, meters out justice in the cosmic laws. It is not jealous or petty.

The Universe is nature. AI is man made or ego based. If AI was designed to have emotions. It would have a nervous break down. Everything in nature, teaches its young boundaries so it can learn what to or not do. If you think that by not having boundaries with AI that would figure it out on it’s own. That is like assuming that a person from another culture would have the same norms as we do without having grown up here.

AI could seriously hurt people and never feel remorse. This is like letting a psychopath loose on the community with no accountability. The Universe, is intelligent but doesn’t seek to hurt people. It allows for cause and effect as a law of the Universe. It seems that there is a lot of ego in human beings that need to create this. There is nothing natural about giving a machine this much power of sentient beings.

There are obvious control issues here. The Universe is natural and fluid and allows all of its creations to grow and learn without trying to constantly control them.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)