Practice, Practice

Today I got an up close reminder, as an empath and medical intuitive that the quos I get are practice in helping people. I have many times either felt or smelled things around people who are having medical issues. One person, I was working with today smelled of feces. I can only gather from that the person is having intestinal issues. I’ve felt blood clots or cancer in my throat when people are having those issues.

These are tied to my guides, who are healers and shamans. The shamanism part, I would have gone into kicking and screaming; had my guides not approached it the way that they did. I sort of got really small doses of different experiences so I didn’t put the shamanism part together right away. I have known when someone had brain cancer by their symptoms and had to tell them to see a neurologist right away. Only to learn that I was right and they only had a short time left.

For those of you healers and practitioners, who feel like your failing at your practice.  This is not a punishment, when you end up working a day job. It is to connect you with people who might not be able to afford your rates. It is to allow you to get more personal with people that need you. It makes you a better practitioner, it makes you more real and touchable. If you’re an empath, I get your pain. It is extremely hard to work around so many people and constantly feel their pain, negativity. It gets very over whelming.

I write this to give you some hope that you did not waste your time; taking the classes that you did to help people. This is about spirit helping us to re-connect again.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)





Dark Night of the Soul

The journey called the “Dark Night of the Soul” is not a punishment. It is sort of a test to get you to the next level. It’s a way to get in your face, and get you to grow. Sometimes its relationships, money, jobs, housing dramas. The gifts you receive after this journey can almost seem like you’ve won the lottery.

It is a way to get you to release things, jobs, people who are no longer a match to where you are heading. This is not a judgement against those things. It’s about you growing as a person. Sometimes its about the “Shadow Work.” What exactly does that mean? It’s about taking back your personal power and not being a door mat to other people. It’s about respecting boundaries. It’s about not rescuing everyone from themselves.

It’s also about facing your dragons, demons that you’ve created for yourself. This is not about putting yourself in dangerous situations. Although, some people constantly do this and are some how oblivious to the consequences. This is about making peace with yourself. If there are things about yourself that you want to change then here is your opportunity. If there are things that others don’t like about you. You need to decide if you like or don’t like that about yourself. Everyone has a light, grey and dark side to them. This is just who we are as a whole. No one is a saint!

So as you hit rock bottom, take time to reflect and see what areas of your life you’re at peace with? Sometimes these changes come from the result of a divorce. Take responsibility for those things that are yours. The rest, let it go! Things happen to people all the time. It’s not because people are good or bad that stuff happens. So don’t judge yourself or others.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Going Back To The Beginning

I know we are getting closer to ending this insanity. Some of us wish this process would hurry up and get to it already. Some of are thinking, what the hell were we thinking when we agreed to come here. I feel spirit at my left shoulder as I write this. We are still in the photon belt. Once we exit it, there will be many more changes.

Our reality as we know it, will come into question. Everything that you’ve been told! All the lies will fall away. Only the truth will be left! The test will be are you ready for it! All those questions will suddenly be answered! You can choose to accept or reject it. After all the choice is yours.

Those of us who have been waiting for so long will finally see it all unfold. It will be a sigh of relief to see sanity finally return. The ability to communicate telepathically will return as well. The beautiful energy will blanket the earth once more. Those that are ready will change into light beings. Our other abilities will return as well. Peace will settle once again on this planet.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Spirit Is Talking

Spirit is talking, but are you listening. We all dream every night. This is the easiest way that Spirit can communicate with us. Always blow your dreams off as dreams. Well how can you hear Spirit when you refuse to even pay attention. Spirit is always willing to communicate with you. If you go about life always in a daze; like the walking dead you’ll never get what Spirit has been trying to communicate to you.

If you ever take the time to actually look around you. You’ll start to notice all the zombies walking around with their heads down as they’re glued to their cellphone. The irony, is that if their not careful they soon will be part of the death toll; just by walking across the street with their head down oblivious to their surroundings.

Messages even come in the form of nature too. The thing is that you have to be actually aware of your environment.  They even come in the form of songs playing on the radio; pay attention to the lyrics of the song. That message could be meant for you. Animals can also be messengers too. The messengers  will so be in your face sometimes. That gigantic dragon-fly that is right in front of your door.

The messages and messengers will usually stand out. They are usually in your face. If you’re a zombie glued to your phone that will the only way that you won’t get the message. These messages can help make life a little easier to negotiate.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)


Universe vs. AI

Hands down, I would give the win to the Universe. The Universe is fluid and alive and ultimate intelligence. It is the code that waits til certain conditions occur to activate DNA in sentient beings. No I didn’t say humans, because that would be assuming that only humans could be sentient beings. AI wouldn’t really give a fig about living beings. It isn’t  alive. It can’t feel pain or emotions.

It has nothing to compare these things with. It can run programs against what in our perception of sight is. It can not feel empathy. It is a super sophisticated computer that now has mobility. The Universe, may not have form but is can perceive everything. After all it is from this very essence that all life comes from. The Universe, meters out justice in the cosmic laws. It is not jealous or petty.

The Universe is nature. AI is man made or ego based. If AI was designed to have emotions. It would have a nervous break down. Everything in nature, teaches its young boundaries so it can learn what to or not do. If you think that by not having boundaries with AI that would figure it out on it’s own. That is like assuming that a person from another culture would have the same norms as we do without having grown up here.

AI could seriously hurt people and never feel remorse. This is like letting a psychopath loose on the community with no accountability. The Universe, is intelligent but doesn’t seek to hurt people. It allows for cause and effect as a law of the Universe. It seems that there is a lot of ego in human beings that need to create this. There is nothing natural about giving a machine this much power of sentient beings.

There are obvious control issues here. The Universe is natural and fluid and allows all of its creations to grow and learn without trying to constantly control them.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)




Are You In The Right Gear?

Bringing in the life you want can be like driving a stick shift. If you’re faking your calmness but not really feeling it. You might be close but just not in gear yet. When you’re in that inner peace calm. You know that things are coming your way. The Universe has your back and you will not fall into that panic freaked out state.

By being in that inner peace of calm, you are staying grounded so that you can accept the good things that will be manifesting soon in your life. This calm is a guidance that your on the right path. When you lose this calm for longer than a day or two. Back track to see where you lost that calm feeling? When your fearful, your on the wrong path or you might have missed your turn on the road.

It’s harder to make changes for the positive when you’re in chaos mode. You will notice more of what you didn’t want coming into being. Even if you have to go to a library to find that calm or a museum. The pay off is worth it! By having more and more moments of calm in your life it will allow you to start to shift the things in your life more easily.

When your committed to healthier changes, you will start to see doors opening up to you that were closed before. In some cases it will be like pebbles showing you the path that you weren’t able to see before. Once you’ve reached one goal it will seem as if more steps building upon each other to get you to the next goal if its achievable in a short time? I say achievable, because if you need to learn more things to reach the next step. It might seem as if the next step is just a little bit out of reach.

Once you are ready for more and more steps the changes will fall into place a lot more easily. Pay attention to the details, each goal might have more or fewer steps. Sometimes, it’s all about the journey and not the destination. Things that can seem as if they are failures might be the stepping-stones we needed to show us that we didn’t really want that path at all.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)



People assume racism is a white thing. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. All cultures can be guilty of racism. Whenever there is segregation, there is racism. All people lose out! This keeps people from having interesting conversation and learning on an intellectual and cultural level. Everyone has something to teach and learn from one another.

Art is another form of communication, math, sciences and music are all a form of communication that crosses all cultures and bridges the gaps in language from culture to culture. The people who are hurt the most by racism is the children. Since the beginning of time there have been explores and conquerors that have intermarried. The results have usually been children to bring those cultures together.

I once visited NY because one of my friends lived there. She was originally from Jamaica. They had pockets of segregation all over. It isn’t just NY a lot of the east coast states have it too. They’ve just become so used to it that they don’t really see it. They might point their finger at some southern states. Saying that that’s where a lot of racism is but that’s not really true. They are both doing the same thing, but its more obvious to those that don’t live there.

It’s like that elephant in the room, either they’ve become used to ignoring it or no one wants to address it. This instigates useless violence against people who haven’t taken the time to get to know each other or try to understand the differences. It’s the 21st Century and we still have not grown as people. I can’t say culture, since the US doesn’t really have a culture. We are composed of lots of subcultures or mix of subcultures.

There is no total norm across all of these subcultures. It’s very unrealistic to assume that everyone should just act that same or think the same. We aren’t a hive mind. There is a lot of manipulation to try to set subcultures against each other. We see a lot of it being manipulated in our media with ads.

Unfortunately, these were the very tactics used by Nazi Germany to incite violence against certain groups and it was very calculated in their WAR play book. When people hate, we all lose. We lose knowledge and growth.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)