The Magic of Nature

Nature communicates with me all the time. Some of the shit that happens is like something out of an Ascended Masters lesson plan. I get messages from the elemental kingdom all the time. I have herbs and stones show up in my dreams all the time. I have dragonflies that look like great big dinosuars. I have spiders that are huge. There is no missing them.

I’ve had a mouse. Stand perfectly still as I walked right by it. It didn’t scurry away. It just stayed there. I’ve walked by wild turkeys and canadian geese with their goslings and never been chased. I know other people that have had to get security out with their dogs to round up the turkey as they’ve been treed to the hood of their car to not get attacked by wild turkeys or canadian geese.

I’ve usually thought, what the hell did you do to these animals that they got this agressive. The only experience I’ve had where something was coming after me was when I was a child. This zoo had a pavillion where they had swans and people would feed them and they would get really agressive. They are particuliarly protective of their young. I think I was feeding them and they were getting really snippy. I have never had an experience like that ever again.

I’m constantly getting messages from birds. So when my aunt told me she was talking to the trees. I should have just thought, well it’s a family thing. I’ve had my own experiences with house plants. I’ve had a pathos plant shaking it’s leaves and very upset because another plant was too far away from it. Hey animals have their friends? Why not plants. I do notice that when I’m stressed, my plants don’t do so well. As I’ve become more spiritual it feels like my plants get affected more.

I used to be able to keep over 50 plants in my house. Than I moved into my curent house. I started to lose plants left and right. I’d never had that happen before. One thing that I’ve noticed, is that because I have a vortex on my property. It seems to make my plants more sensitive when I’m under stress. The vortex has been a blessing though too. It makes it even easier to communicate with the other side. It makes the veil thinner between the worlds of the living and the dead.

I had experiences of hearing the other side at the witching hour and now more recently in the day time. I have a huge tree that is very protective. When I’ve had the worst storms its acted a buffer from some of those storms. I’ve had less damage done to the house because of it. I’ve also enjoyed the land that my house sits on. It’s like a mini oasis from the rest of the neighborhood. It feels like its on another plain of existence.

I’ve gone for walks in a national forests walking with my dog at the time. I’m on the path and a huge buck and two does are just standing still. This dog has never seen deer before. I’m still sure these were elk. They were much bigger than deer. I remember telling my dog to not do anything stupid. So the walked by them and just sort of stared at them as we walked by. The elk never moved. They didn’t try to flee. They just stood there. I was about three feet away from them. These are the reasons why I say nature is magic.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc





Spirit Knows No Religion

As I’ve been on this incredible journey, I’ve learned more from spirit than I ever have from religion. Spirit doesn’t have ego, it only knows being of service and community. It doesn’t judge, it excepts people where they are. It will help if you ask, it will not manipulate. It doesn’t have an agenda.

There is a very thin veil between our reality and Spirit. The ascended masters hang out there. They observe what goes on and don’t interfer. When you start to work on yourself and your life they will be there to encourage you on your path. They’ve been here as flesh, so they understand the obstacles we face. They remember what its like to have emotion and drama.

The biggest obstacle you will face is your fear, ego and judging yourself. Our society, nurtures fear most of all! It loves to see individual fail as it feeds off that destructive energy. It love to divide people and make them a victim; since this is the best way to keep people from becoming empowered.

When you start to face your personal demons real and imagined (ego). Spirit will cheer you on! It wants to see you win the war within yourself and outside of it. As you learn and grow, you too will be able to become like the ascended masters and spirit. It takes courage, but once you concur your ego; you can do anything. After all you are a soul in a body having an experience on earth. This is only one aspect of who you truly are.

Spirit does not take pleasure in your failures. It doesn’t feed off of your pain. It wants to help you grow on your spiritual path. That spiritual path may have many twists and turns on your journey. Each experience will help you to grow and learn how strong you are. This is why its so important for other people to not prevent their children from learning lessons at their own level. These are the building blocks that will teach them how to climb and grow.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc


I get a lot of questions from parents about their children. It usually is about things that their children are going through that most religious entities are not even qualified to answer. Their answers would cause more damage to these sensitive children. The things they are going through are normal for psychic children. Something that religion would never have a clue about in a million years; since their agenda is to control everyone and everything.

These children need understanding and not to be labelled. A lot of what they are going through can be very frightening. Some of these children are not psychic, but think and learn differently. Our educational system isn’t capable of working with some of these children. Some are telepathic that it’s frustrating for the parents when they try to disapline them. Each is a new experience.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc


The Soul

The Soul is a very complicated entity. When it comes into flesh, it will be a man in one life and woman in the next life. This is how the soul gets to experience the physical. The soul in its original state, is energy with no particular form. It can not taste, feel, experience emotion. All those senses that we enjoy in our physical form are gifts that the non-physical can’t experience until it’s in a physical form.

In non-physical, its like watching events take place with the volume turned off. Because there is no emotion involved. There is no hate, love or any particular emotion involved in how things play out. This is one of the reasons, why souls reincarnate into the physical. They want to experience different things have different adventures. When their planning their life. They might not realize that these emotions will make it harder for them to achieve their goals.

Emotions make life messy, sort of like finger painting. It will make the road or journey wind and bend at different curves in the road of life. There will be sprinkles of drama from other peoples bleed thru life.  If this isn’t their first life, and they are trying it as a different gender.  There can be aspects of their past life that can come through. Unresolved stuff from the past life. There can also be issues with gender identity. It is not uncommon for the soul to still identify as being a gender from a past life even though they chose to be a different gender in this life time.

Many cultures have known this to be true. They each have had unique ways of dealing with these situations. Just as the soul, can chose many different races to be in each life time. Think of it as going to school and there are so many good choices in classes that it wants to try them all out in different life times.

There is no one particular life time to do or die. Meaning, you can always sample different things that interest you. Or take your favorite subjects as many times as you like. This includes being certain genders or races, being part of certain soul groups to help each other reach their goals. There are always more and more levels to go up to.

The choices are endless, almost like a complicated math equation. The combinations can go to infinity. You throw in the different planets and galaxies and there is even more variable into the mix!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc



One Destination But Many Roads!

Next time your feeling like shit about your life. Take a deep breath and focus on your victories. You are on your own unique journey. No one can do it for you. It is about you growing and discovering things about your life that like and those things that you don’t. It is not about being shamed and being make to feel less than.

After all no one has a right to do that. They have not walked in your shoes or experienced any of those things that have made you uniquely you! Stop comparing yourself to others and don’t allow others to compare to other people either. You are here to live your life for you and not someone else.

Remember to start enforcing boundaries. Boundaries are our friend. They are to keep out those sacks of shit that have no business in our lives. Boundaries help us to decide if we still want those people in our lives and to them that their behavior will not be tolerated.

These roads and journeys will teach us about ourselves in ways we would never had the opportunity to before. It allows us to breath and grow. We learn how to adult and how to keep parts of our child self alive to nurture our creativity. It allows us to play and explore new and old things. It gives us opportunites to stretch ourselves and find out how strong we really are inside.

Along this journey, we will laugh and cry. We will meet new people and decide who to keep as friends. Who we will let go of so they can grow on their journey. Sometimes our paths will cross briefly. People will enter our lives, who will teach us things. Sometimes we will have things to share with them.

Life is a smoregasboard, so take advantage of the buffet. It’s there to be enjoyed. Then finally you will make it to the destination that you thought; you’d never reach!

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc

Is This Your’s or Mine?

One of the things that can be frustrating as an empath is the emotions that others start throwing around. Once you get better at discerning whose they are? It makes it much more easier to detach. Part of the learning curve is identifying if it belongs to a living or non-living person.

Just as living people have a certain smell that reminds you of them. They also have signature emotions too. If a relative used to be sad all the time you might need a visual cue. If your an empath, you will remember what it felt like to be around that person. For young children or teenagers, they might not even know what they’re feeling.

In our society, its so frowned down upon to express your feelings and emotions; depending on your family background. It usually isn’t until you live on your own that you begin to realize that those emotions might not have been yours. I remember having a client who was having a terrible headache. It wasn’t until I realized it wasn’t mine that the headache stopped for me.

Unfortunately, if only this was the case with the dead. Especially when they’re trying to communicate how they died. If they were dismembered it really isn’t fun. It’s only once you’ve finally confirmed some facts about the deceased that the feeling finally goes away. For young children and teens, if friend or family member has died and suffered from suicidial behavior or anxiety and is hanging around them. It can make these children start to feel these emotions.

It’s often why there might be one suicide after another in teens and very sensitive individuals. They can mistake those feelings for their own. The deceased person, doesn’t realize that they’re triggering this emotion in the living. They are usually just trying to not feel so lost. Because of churches protocal on suicide, it hasn’t helped either. Many who have committed suicide are afraid to cross over for fear of what awaits them on the other side.

This is why it’s so important for individuals to learn what their actual emotions and state of mind actually feels like. Usually this doesn’t happen until they are living alone if they ever do? Going on a personal retreat can be a growing experience. It will allow you to actually take the time to get to know yourself.

Penny J (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc






Revolution Energy

Coming to a location near you! Yes, coming to you as a community. I’m feeling it hitting in smaller ways. People are getting more and more pissed with their local governments and their childish crap. They’ve been holding communities hostage for far too long. I’m seeing it with how corporations treat their customers. It’s all around you and so in your face that you can no longer ignore it.

People have had enough of corporations , local government taking advantage and abusing their power and the public. Justices are going to find that if they take the side of those abusers that their days of having a job are numbered as well! People aren’t going to put up with being pushed one more step. Media blackouts are going to save their asses either.

The truth has an interesting way of rising to the surface. You can try to bury it all you want. Lies are still lies! Those that don’t change are going to find themselves buried in mud that won’t ever be able to rise from again. Career politicians have far out lived their usefulness in the publics eye. They will be prosecuted to the maximum of the law and no amount of back pedalling is going to save them.

In the day and age of transparency. Those that tell lies will have mere days to get their stories straight. Agendas are falling apart one by one all around their ears. The people are stepping up and not backing down. Their tired of this bullshit and that. They can see right through your crap. People are demanding accountability and those that don’t measure up will be replaced and not when their term is done either.

The theater, should get more interesting from here on out.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc