Reading Your Favorite Books

Lately I found myself pulling out some books that I truly cherish. I have been reading four books at once. Each one has something to offer me. I read a little from each book til I’m full of that book and then move to the next book. Sometimes I read them in a different order. Each book is feeding a part of my soul. No one book is more important than the rest. It is like being surrounded by supportive friends. Each has something delicious to share. Each has something to add.

It’s like having your favorite friends over and each person has brought something for the meal. That’s exactly what it feels like a meal. It is what sustains the soul to get through each day and face each challenge! To know that you are not alone. Others have gone before you and have faced similar challenges and taken their spin on the situation and either tried to kick the obstacle in their way or to think about another way of attack until they felt that they could over come the obstacle. Reflection is a very nice tool. It allows you to look at the past successes and failure objectively. Sometimes there was never a way to win the situation and it was a way to pull you back onto your path.

Sometimes because we are more seasoned, can recognize those battles that we can and can not win. Sometimes its a team effort and not a solo venture? Either way we learn something. It’s really about getting past all the drama and giving it your best and if your best isn’t good enough then that’s just too bad. This is not about pass/fail it’s about growth.

Each of these books is a strategy to help you rally your efforts to achieve and concur those obstacles in life!

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc   (MN, USA)



A Great Book To Read

This book is a really great book to have in your personal library. Whether you are into small business or improving your life. This book is really great. The title is “The  Richest Man Who Ever Lived” (King Solomon). by Steven K. Scott. You should be able to find this book at your local or county library. I always like to check a book out from the library before I buy it. This has information about marriage and more.

It is a great resource on how to bring your dreams forward. It is more detailed on how to bring goals into being a reality. Whenever I find great books, I have to share them with people.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc  (MN, USA)