Your Final Exam Every Nine Years

I’ve noticed these cycles that seem to play out in everyone’s life. It seems like there will be nine years where everything is fine and flows very smoothly. Then there will be nine years of learning. The ninth year will be your final exam to see what you’ve learned and what you remember from all of those previous years leading up to that final exam.

I’ve talked to my clients about this too. I’ll get clients that will wonder what they’ve done wrong to deserve all this drama in they’re life. Especially when they’ve worked so hard on making changes in they’re life. The thing is that the Universe will throw the lesson at you from different angles to make sure you recognize all the faces that it can take.

Then when it thinks you’ve let down your guard it will throw it at you one final time. This lesson can be whatever triggers you. It can be things from your childhood, teen or adult years. The subject can be money, budgeting, finances, relationships, business. The subjects are endless. It will go down the list of triggers to see where your weakness lies.

When you are no longer triggered, you will win the game called your life. That doesn’t mean that these nine-year cycles won’t come around again. It’s kind of like how our weather cycles through the earth. Well these cycles, cycle through us. So the next time this happens to you, just remember it’s not personal.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc



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