People assume racism is a white thing. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. All cultures can be guilty of racism. Whenever there is segregation, there is racism. All people lose out! This keeps people from having interesting conversation and learning on an intellectual and cultural level. Everyone has something to teach and learn from one another.

Art is another form of communication, math, sciences and music are all a form of communication that crosses all cultures and bridges the gaps in language from culture to culture. The people who are hurt the most by racism is the children. Since the beginning of time there have been explores and conquerors that have intermarried. The results have usually been children to bring those cultures together.

I once visited NY because one of my friends lived there. She was originally from Jamaica. They had pockets of segregation all over. It isn’t just NY a lot of the east coast states have it too. They’ve just become so used to it that they don’t really see it. They might point their finger at some southern states. Saying that that’s where a lot of racism is but that’s not really true. They are both doing the same thing, but its more obvious to those that don’t live there.

It’s like that elephant in the room, either they’ve become used to ignoring it or no one wants to address it. This instigates useless violence against people who haven’t taken the time to get to know each other or try to understand the differences. It’s the 21st Century and we still have not grown as people. I can’t say culture, since the US doesn’t really have a culture. We are composed of lots of subcultures or mix of subcultures.

There is no total norm across all of these subcultures. It’s very unrealistic to assume that everyone should just act that same or think the same. We aren’t a hive mind. There is a lot of manipulation to try to set subcultures against each other. We see a lot of it being manipulated in our media with ads.

Unfortunately, these were the very tactics used by Nazi Germany to incite violence against certain groups and it was very calculated in their WAR play book. When people hate, we all lose. We lose knowledge and growth.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)




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