Embracing Your Dark Side

Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it! Sometimes, when you’re not feeling in a nice mood. Just embrace it. This is usually a result of stuffing down all those things you wanted to say to a person that deserved it at the time it happened. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by people who like to point fingers and not look at their own shit. I call this not having a life. These are the people we explode on when we’ve had all that we’re going to take. They will look at you as though your crazy and play the victim.

I also call this a result of not letting your inner child play. This is part of your strength, that says enough is enough. When a lack of respect and boundaries is constantly experienced there comes a breaking point. When you start exercising boundaries you will find that these outbursts start to become less frequent. In our PC society, of sterilizing everything and censoring other people. It has become this monster for creating more of these situations.

If more people would just be honest with their feelings and emotions and messy as they are! If people don’t like messes, certainly don’t engage in finger-pointing. That mirror might come snapping back into place and show that finger pointing right back at yourself. While your embracing the dark side, let it say everything its wanted to say if the person is still alive. If not, then write a letter and put everything in it. No matter how bad and then when your done, burn it. If you can’t say things to the living person because your afraid of the fall out, than write it all out and burn it.

Penny J.

Raven Hawke, Llc (MN, USA)





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