When lies are finally exposed, it allows for a starting point for all to heal. Even though we are still in the beginning stages of this drama; it is still a good thing. Some will continue to watch as though watching a huge train wreck. Others will want to run away and get away from all the stress as more and more ugliness is exposed.

Healing is needed in how men, women and children are treated. For some this will be a global event, others this will be a more intimate event as their Govt confronts the ugliness in its own world. Everyone needs to be treated with respect, age is not a deciding factor here. All have a right to not be mistreated.

Hopefully this will be a growing and healing opportunity for all. This planet needs to heal. All cultures need to heal. We need to focus on our similarities and respect our differences. The division of people needs to end. None of us are children that needs another to make decisions for us. Those that are supposed to look out for us, have better things to do. One of them being looking out for their own bank accounts.

As more of this house of cards starts to fall in on itself. It will finally allow people to let the scales fall from their eyes. One can only hope that they will finally see instead of burying their heads in the sand. As more of this Drama plays out, it will hopefully all come out before the end of the next two years. Enjoy the ride, it wont be boring.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc




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