The Other Realms

For some these realms are already apart of your reality. For others it will seem as though its part of insanity. Which realm will you move into? Just as there are many stages? Is it a stage that plays musicals, dramas, comedies, Tragedies. There are many choices in these realms. These realms have different laws and realities also. Does the make-believe science we know today even apply in other realities? If so prove it!

This game will become quite fun as the roll of the dice changes the rules from second to second. Is what you were taught real, a lie or a partial truth? Reality and other realms as you know it are about to be turned on their head so to speak. Just when you start to get bored with one thing, it will all start to change. Those that have been in control of this game for far to long are about to have their reality come crashing down around them.

They have never know what it is to be humble. This will be a good lesson to teach them what it means to heal! We are seeing lies being exposed more and more. When all the blinders are finally pulled off it will be interesting to see whose left standing. This will no longer be a group decision. None of us are a group! We are all individuals! Will people start to finally speak for themselves and not expect another to speak for them?

Will our planet start to finally grow instead of staying in a stagnant state.

Penny J. (MN, USA)

Raven Hawke, Llc



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